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Bank robber pleads guilty so he doesn't have to go home to wife - New York Post

He's going to get his wish. Geriatric thief Lawrence John Ripple, who told police that he wanted to live in prison instead of with his wife, has pleaded guilty to robbing a Kansas City bank — and now faces 20 years in a federal lockup, according to a ...and more »

Man who said he'd "rather be in jail" than with wife admits robbing Kansas bank - CBS News

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- A 70-year-old man who told investigators after robbing a Kansas bank that he'd rather be imprisoned than with his wife has admitted carrying out the holdup. Lawrence Ripple pleaded guilty Monday in Kansas City, Kansas, to a federal ...and more »

Man, 70, robbed bank to get away from wife - Toronto Sun

“Bet she didn't tell you why her husband went there [jail]?”. “How come?” “To get away from Jeannie!” — Henry Hill explains to his wife a criminal confederate's motives for going to prison in GoodFellas. Taking a page from Goodfellas, Lawrence Ripple ...and more »

Man robs Kansas bank to 'escape wife' - BBC News

A 70-year-old man from Kansas has pleaded guilty to a bank robbery on Tuesday, saying he did it to escape from his wife. Lawrence Ripple robbed a Kansas City bank, last September, and then waited in the lobby until police came. He told investigators he ...and more »

Sick of living with wife, man robs bank to go to jail - KABC-TV

Just when you think you've heard it all, a Kansas man finds an unexpected way to get out of his crumbling marriage. Lawrence Ripple, 70, pleaded guilty on Monday to charges related to a September bank robbery. According to court documents, Ripple ...and more »

Man accused of robbing bank to escape wife pleads guilty -

Jan. 25 (UPI) -- A Kansas man accused of robbing a bank to escape life with his wife pleaded guilty to charges stemming from the heist. Lawrence Ripple, 70, entered a guilty plea to charges stemming from the September robbery Monday as part of a deal ...and more »

KS Man Pleads Guilty to Robbing Bank to Escape Living With His Wife - Fox News Insider

There's of course the old joke that marriage is associated with carrying around a ball and chain. One married man in Kansas City, Kan., though would actually rather have the physical ball and chain! Lawrence John Ripple, 70, pleaded guilty Monday to ...and more »

Man Robbed Bank Since He'd Rather Be In Jail Than With Wife - Elite Daily

An elderly man committed a crime so that he'd be free of his wife. Lawrence John Ripple has admitted robbery and faces up to 20 years in prison. He said he went to the bank following an argument with his wife, which had caused him to feel fed up of ...and more »

Kansas man chooses jail over wife, robbing a bank to get away from her - Atlanta Journal Constitution

A Kansas man has pleaded guilty to robbing a Kansas City bank last fall, in a strange case that has left authorities scratching their heads. Lawrence John Ripple, 70, told investigators that he robbed the bank, which is just a block away from police ...and more »

20 years: Lawrence Ripple robs bank to escape wife - scallywagandvagabond

Lawrence Ripple a Kansas man has pled guilty to armed robbery whereupon immediately holding up a bank he surrendered to cops in a bid to escape his wife. Lawrence Ripple a 70 year old Kansas City, Kansas man has pled guilty to purposefully ...and more »