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Tobacco is a deadly threat to global development - World Health Organization

When I reflect on my tenure as Director-General of the World Health Organization, there are many areas where the agency played its unique role as the guardian of health for all people. Dr Margaret Chan, the Director-General of WHO. WHO. But I am ...and more »

World No Tobacco Day 2017: Tobacco threatens development, strong control measures needed - Pan American Health Organization

Washington/Geneva, May 31 2017-Action to stamp out tobacco use can help countries prevent millions of people falling ill and dying from tobacco-related disease, combat poverty and reduce large-scale environmental degradation, according to a new World ...and more »

Lower Your Risk for Lung Cancer By Quitting Smoking - U.S. News & World Report

Even if you've already been diagnosed with lung cancer, giving up the cigarettes can help with treatment and recovery. By Kathleen Hall, Contributor |May 30, 2017, at 9:23 a.m.. Lower Your Risk for Lung Cancer By Quitting Smoking. Share. ×. Share on ...and more »

Curtain call on smoking in Czech pubs and restaurants - Radio Prague

Tuesday marks the final day in which Czech smokers will be able to light-up in pubs and restaurants. As of Wednesday new anti-smoking legislation signed into law early this year formally comes into effect, bringing the country in line with the rest of ...and more »

7 Million Die in Tobacco-Related Deaths Annually. Here's How India Is Tackling the Burning Issue - The Better India (blog)

As a leading cause for health concerns, global poverty and environmental degradation, anti-smoking initiatives call for a mix of stringent laws and pragmatic motivation rather than moral judgement. by Sohini Dey May 31, 2017, 5:42 pm. There's a good ...and more »

Study: China Struggles to Kick World-Leading Cigarette Habit - Voice of America

Most smokers in China, the world's largest tobacco consumer, have no intention of kicking the habit and remain unaware of some of its most damaging health effects, Chinese health officials and outside researchers said Wednesday. An estimated 316 ...and more »

World No Tobacco Day: Did the 85% graphic warning on tobacco products really warn you? - Hindustan Times

Most people in India prefer to buy loose cigarettes, thus making the warning on the cigarette packages irrelevant. A year after being implemented, the warning has failed to dent sales at city's cigarette shops. fitness Updated: May 31, 2017 18:52 IST ...and more »

World No Tobacco Day: Tobacco kills more than 7 million people a year - TRT World

May 31 is the World Health Organization's annual World No Tobacco Day. This year the UN agency called for tougher measures to reduce risks associated with tobacco use. A photo illustration shows restrictive tobacco packaging on cigarettes in Australia ...and more »

Passive Smoking: The Consequences Attached Second Hand Smoking - NDTV Food

We read it everywhere, we hear it from our peers or on the media all the time how smoking kills. However what manages to escape our attention is the non-smoker who might have to bear the brunt, just because he happens to be in the vicinity of a smoker ...and more »

World No Tobacco Day: Why tobacco remains a global threat - Cancer Research UK (blog)

This World No Tobacco Day 2017, we're taking a look at how tobacco poses one of the most urgent challenges of our time, and what can be done to curb the epidemic. Smoking is still the biggest preventable cause of cancer worldwide. Unlike any other ...and more »