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Snapchat's New Glasses Are As Silly As Snapchat (And That's Why They'll Be A Hit) - Co.Design (blog)

Snapchat will release its first wearable product this fall. It's called Spectacles, and it's a $130 pair of glasses that, with a tap to the side of the frame, will record 10 seconds of whatever you're seeing. According to a report in the Wall Street ...and more »

Life's a Snap! - New Republic

Snapchat is no longer Snapchat, the creator of an app used by tens of millions. It has been reborn as Snap Inc., the maker of Spectacles. A pair of colorful sunglasses with a camera at the corner, it shoots 10-second video with a circular 115-degree ...and more »

Snapchat's Daily Active User Count Has Surpassed a New Milestone - Fortune

Snapchat now has more than 60 million daily active users in the U.S. and Canada. Imran Khan, the company's chief strategy officer, publicized the number during the annual Advertising Week conference in New York City on Monday, as Bloomberg reported and ...and more »

Why Snapchat's new glasses could be more than just a toy - CNBC

If Snap's lighthearted rebrand takes off, it could pave the way for serious new lines of business — including augmented and virtual reality, experts told CNBC. Along with a name change, the company behind Snapchat released over the weekend a new set ...and more »

Snapchat Debuts Rumored Glasses with No Augmented Reality Features - NextReality

Snapchat accidentally—and then intentionally—announced their digital eyeglasses, known as Spectacles, over the weekend. While we'd hoped their augmented reality-heavy platform would result in related hardware, Spectacles unfortunately seek to ...and more »

CSO Imran Khan Explains Snapchat's Rebrand to Snap Inc. - Adweek

Under the newly created Snap Inc. corporate name, chief strategy officer Imran Khan revealed a couple of notable stats during his pitch today for advertisers at Advertising Week. The CSO said that over 60 million of Snapchat's more than 150 million ...and more »

Meet the man behind Spectacles, Snapchat's new smart sunglasses - Recode

Snapchat finally pulled back the curtain on its new camera sunglasses last Friday night, its first hardware project, in the works since at least early 2015. Now we also know who built them: Steve Horowitz, the former engineering SVP at Motorola and ...and more »

Why Snap's Spectacles Are Going to (Finally) Make Life Logging Cool - MIT Technology Review

The human desire to log the realities of everyday life is something that technology companies have been trying to turn into a successful product for years. With a new pair of smart glasses on offer, the company behind Snapchat hopes that the answer ...and more »

Snap Inc: it's Snapchat, but now with video-recording 'Spectacles' - The Guardian

Name: Snap Inc. Age: Two days old. Appearance: Bright, fun, rich. Is this some kind of “startup”? In a way. It's Snapchat's new name. I think I've heard of Snapchat. Is it that thing where you show people your genitals for five seconds? Pictures of ...and more »

Think Snapchat's Spectacles are weird? I'm sorry, but you're old - The Next Web

What do you think about Snap's first hardware product — their newly announced Spectacles? Maybe you're thinking about Google Glass, the spectacularly failed hardware project that took the world by storm for not much more than a minute? Or maybe you're ...and more »