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"The Maduro Diet": A Photo Essay from Venezuela - Americas Quarterly

Shortages and a crumbling economy have forced Venezuelans to change their eating habits; many are losing weight and battling malnutrition. MaduroDiet. Empty fridges have become an increasingly common sight for many Venezuelans. Rafael Hernandez.and more »

Venezuela's crisis explained from the beginning -

A look at the country's ongoing protests against the government of President Maduro and the current political situation. 23 Mar 2018 11:54 GMT. Story highlights. How did protests start? Other problems in Venezuela; Latest developments. Caracas, the ...and more »

5 things to understand about oil-rich, cash-poor Venezuela - Deutsche Welle

Venezuela is flush with oil, but strapped for cash. Empty store shelves and hospitals short on medicine have driven its people to desperation. DW outlines five key points to understanding the oil-based crisis. An economic system aimed at freeing ...and more »

Venezuela: Humanitarian Crisis Spilling into Brazil - Human Rights Watch

(Washington, DC) – Venezuela's humanitarian crisis is spilling across its borders, Human Rights Watch said today. Latin American governments need to apply strong pressure on the Maduro administration to address severe shortages of medicine and food in ...and more »

Venezuela on the brink - Deutsche Welle

Violent protests erupted across the country following a Supreme Court decision in late March 2017 to strip the legislative branch of its powers. Amid an international outcry, President Nicolas Maduro reversed the decision, but it was too late ...and more »

At Least 3 Die in Venezuela Protests Against Nicolás Maduro - New York Times

BOGOTÁ, Colombia — Protesters demanding elections and a return to democratic rule jammed the streets of Caracas and other Venezuelan cities on Wednesday. National Guard troops and government-aligned militias beat crowds back with tear gas, rubber ...and more »

Intense photos show Venezuela being rocked by the 'mother of all protests' - Business Insider

Venezuela's protracted economic, political, and social crises have burst onto the streets again in recent weeks. The recent spate of demonstrations have seen thousands of Venezuelans out protesting their government. Prior to Wednesday, five people had ...and more »

Venezuelans' Life Ratings Crumble With Their Country - Gallup

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Ahead of the swelling protests in Venezuela, just 13% of Venezuelans in 2016 rated their lives positively enough to be considered "thriving" -- a far cry from the 57% who were thriving the year before President Nicolas Maduro took ...and more »

Student Shot and Killed at 'Mother of All Protests' in Venezuela - Foreign Policy (blog)

Hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets of Caracas Wednesday in anti-government protests that descended into violence, claiming the life of a young man caught in a clash between protesters and government supporters. The demonstration ...and more »

Venezuelans are still demonstrating. What happens next for the dictatorship of President Nicolás Maduro? - Washington Post

On Wednesday, tens of thousands of Venezuelans protested the country's worsening economic crisis — and the president behind it. The response of President Nicolás Maduro to one of Latin America's worst episodes of political unrest in decades has been ...and more »