Family Says Neighbor Terrorized Them with Loud Sex and Music, Racist Taunts - Breitbart News

A Pennsylvania woman who put her neighbors through hell has finally been arrested after allegedly spending two years terrorizing them with constant bouts of loud sex, noisy music at all hours, racist taunts, and unsavory behavior in general. Police in ...and more »

Woman gets jail in complaints over loud sex, music, threats - Daily Mail

YORK, Pa. (AP) — A Pennsylvania woman is in jail after pleading guilty to charges stemming from having loud sex, blasting loud music, and responding to a neighbor's requests to quiet down with threats. Amanda Marie Warfel pleaded guilty last week to ...and more »

Woman had loud sex, NARRATED her activities through the wall and shouted threats to neighbor's children for TWO ... - Daily Mail

A woman who kept the neighbors children awake with her loud sex for two years has finally been charged with harassment. Amanda Marie Warfel plagued the Saylor family for years, calling them racial slurs, having loud sex and even shouting out ...and more »

Unruly Pennsylvania woman busted for having loud sex, tormenting neighbor who has cancer - New York Daily News

Amanda Warfel pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and harassment, but the charges were later reduced to citations. (Police Handout). BY David Boroff. NEW YORK DAILY NEWS. Wednesday, May 4, 2016, 1:55 PM. An uncooperative and foul-mouthed ...and more »

Loud sex too much for cancer-stricken neighbors -

YORK, Pa. — Some nights, before two of her daughters went to bed, Tanya Saylor would give them headphones. That would help block the noise — the music, the threats and the sex noises. The sounds were coming from the other side of a wall the room ...and more »

Woman says neighbor terrorized family for two years with loud sex -

RED LION, Pa. — A Pennsylvania woman says her family put up with the neighbor from hell for two years and “should have started calling the police a year ago.” On March 21, Red Lion police were called and responded to reports that the neighbor, ...and more »

Mum put headphones on kids to drown out neighbour's loud sex noises - Daily Star

A MUM was forced to put headphones on her young kids when they went to bed – to drown out loud sex noises from next door. 0. By Rory McKeown & Chris Murphy / Published 4th May 2016. Amanda Marie Warfel mugshot POLICE HANDOUT. NUISANCE: ...and more »

Woman's noisy sex pushes cancer-stricken neighbors to call cops - New York Post

After two years of enduring the racket from a neighbor's wall-shaking lovemaking sessions, a Pennsylvania family finally had enough — reporting the noisemaker to cops and having her arrested. The situation at Tanya Saylor's rowhouse got so bad that ...and more »

Amanda Marie Warfel loud sex keeps cancer stricken neighbors awake - scallywagandvagabond

How Amanda Marie Warfel terrorized a next door family over the course of two years with loud love making related to her disdain of the mixed race family. Red Lion, Pennsylvanian woman, Amanda Marie Warfel has been jailed after pleading guilty to ...and more »

Woman jailed for having noisy sex - The Punch

A woman has been sentenced to jail for harassing her neighbors with loud noises during sex for two years. The culprit, Amanda Marie Warfel from Pennsylvania, pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and harassment charges for shouting racial slurs at her ...and more »