Alien life? Don't expect it to be all that different, Oxford University researchers say -

DON'T expect aliens to be all that ... alien. In fact, Oxford University researchers say they're most likely to be disturbingly familiar. And they have some ideas as to how they'll look. Jamie Seidel. News Corp Australia NetworkNovember 4, 20171:41pm.

Apple Claims iPhone X Off-Angle Shifts In Color, Hue Are 'Normal Behavior' - International Business Times

Apple maintains that some iPhone X display issues are actually normal behavior for a device that uses an OLED screen. The Cupertino giant even says it's normal to see some screen burn-in on the iPhone X over time. Apple Insider has obtained an Apple ...

Google & Discovery Launch World-Exploring TRVLR Series - Android Headlines

Google has announced a new partnership with Discovery working on a VR-oriented video series intended to provide viewers with a unique and immersive look at each of the world's continents. The series, called TRVLR, isn't just another documentary series, ...

Everything you have been told about passwords is wrong - New Zealand Herald

It turns out, your online passwords should not actually have at least one capital letter, one number and one symbol - and no, they shouldn't be changed regularly. Bill Burr, the author of the original eight-page manual from 2003 that went on to become ...

Apple AI has been cataloguing women's 'brassiere' photos - Radio Australia

Apple has been automatically sorting photographs on iPhones for about a year but this week some savvy iPhone users discovered one of the folders contains some images that are a little more revealing. Apple has been categorising photos since June 2016.