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Australian Biosecurity Officers Just Destroyed an 'Irreplaceable' Plant Collection - Gizmodo

A box of rare daisies dating back to the mid 19th century has been destroyed by Australian biosecurity officials after a paperwork mix-up. Upsettingly, it's the second such incident to happen in Australia in recent months. As reported by ABC News, the ...and more »

Irreplaceable plant specimens from France destroyed in Australian quarantine blunder - ABC Online

A review of Australia's quarantine procedures has been undertaken after historic and valuable plant specimens from France were destroyed by biosecurity officers. Key points: A collection of rare flowering plants from France was incinerated by ...and more »

Australian customs destroys unique plant specimens after quarantine mix-up -

AUSTRALIAN customs officials destroyed two irreplaceable plant specimens that were being loaned to scientists by international institutions, prompting the agriculture department to concede that some missteps had occurred enforcing strict quarantine laws.and more »

Australia Incinerates 'Irreplaceable' Plant Specimens After Paperwork Error - Live Science

Australian biosecurity officers have destroyed historic and irreplaceable plant specimens that date back to the mid-1800s due to a paperwork error, according to news reports. A rare collection of flowering plants from France's National Museum of ...and more »

Rare flowers destroyed in Australia after paperwork error - BBC News

Australian biosecurity officers have destroyed historic plant specimens on loan from France after a paperwork mix-up. A box of rare daisies from the 1850s had been sent to Brisbane from the National Museum of Natural History in Paris. But the pressed ...and more »

Australia Accidentally Incinerated a Priceless Plant Specimen - Atlas Obscura

Australia's biosecurity officials have a big job. They stop plants and animals from entering the country—species that could disrupt its delicately balanced ecosystem. But in their quest to protect Australia, they've accidentally destroyed some ...and more »

Australian biosecurity officials destroy plant samples from 19th-century France - The Guardian

Australian biosecurity officials have destroyed historically significant plant samples from 19th-century France and damaged the reputation of Australian researchers, the head of the peak herbaria body has said. In two separate incidents, quarantine ...and more »

170-year-old Rare Flowers Accidentally Destroyed in Australia after Paperwork Error - Newsweek

Australian biosecurity officers accidentally destroyed valuable flower specimens from the mid-1800s after a paperwork mix-up. An “irreplaceable collection” of daisies from the 1850s on loan to Queensland's herbarium in Brisbane was incinerated in March ...and more »

Specimens Of Rare Daisy Flowers Destroyed By The Australian Biosecurity Officers - Science Times

A shocking incident took place when the biosecurity officers in Australia destroyed valuable and "irreplaceable collection" of plant specimens of rare daisy flowers. A major mistake with the irrecoverable loss. According to BBC News, the biosecurity ...and more »

Australian biosecurity officials destroy 'irreplaceable' plant samples from 19th century France -

Australian customs officers have destroyed “irreplaceable” plant specimens dating from the 1800s which were sent by the Museum of Natural History in Paris, prompting a review of the government's apparently overzealous quarantine procedures.and more »