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Jet rolled over and plummeted 3000m after being caught in superjumbo's wake -

A PRIVATE plane rolled up to five times in the sky and plunged towards the sea before its heroic pilots managed to pull off a miraculous recovery. Mark Hodge. The SunMarch 24, 20178:35am. The private plane was struck with turbulence after an Airbus ...and more »

Emirates Airbus A380 wake turbulence sends private jet into uncontrolled descent -

A private jet plummeted more than 3000 metres (10,000ft) and rolled uncontrollably when it encountered wake turbulence from an Airbus A380 flying above it. The Emirates superjumbo was en route from the United Arab Emirates to Australia when the ...and more »

Food up the walls, broken seats and smashed glass: Inside the private jet that ROLLED and plunged 10000ft after ... - Daily Mail

Harrowing images of the aftermath of a private jet's dramatic plunge 10,000ft after it was caught in the wake of an Emirates Airbus have been released. Pilots of the German plane pulled off a miracle recovery after it was sucked into the turbulence of ...and more »

Revealed: How private jet caught in the wake of a superjumbo was flipped on its back, ROLLED and plunged 10000ft ... - Daily Mail

A German private plane flipped upside down, rolled uncontrollably and then plunged 10,000ft after hitting wake turbulence caused by an Emirates superjumbo flying above it - but miraculously did not crash. The near-disaster caused serious injuries on ...and more »

A Private Jet Was Sent Plummeting 10000 Feet After Getting Caught in an A380's Wake - Fortune

A small private jet was reportedly flipped upside down and sent diving 10,00 feet toward the Arabian Sea after getting caught in the wake turbulence of a superjumbo airliner earlier this year. One of the nine passengers and crew traveling from the ...and more »

Private jet in terror plunge after Emirates turbulence drama -

Several people on board a German private plane were injured after the aircraft rolled uncontrollably after hitting turbulence caused by an Emirates jet flying above it, it was reported on Wednesday. One person reportedly sustained serious injuries in ...and more »

Executive jet flipped on back by wake of A380 superjumbo - Travel Weekly UK

An executive jet was reportedly flipped on to its back, rolled and plunged 10,000ft in mid-air but avoided crashing after hitting turbulence caused by a superjumbo. The near-disaster, in which passengers were seriously injured and the Challenger ...and more »

New Emirates A380 service offers taste of French Riviera high life - The National

With helicopter transfers from Nice to Monaco offered as part of the airline's new A380 service to the Cote D'Azur gateway, UAE visitors can arrive in superstar style. Chris Nelson. March 23, 2017. Updated: March 23, 2017 04:00 AM. 0. shares. Twitter ...and more »

Emirates adds A380 to Nice route - Business Traveller

Emirates is to add the A380 superjumbo aircraft to its daily Dubai-Nice route from July 1. The coastal city will be the second French destination to welcome the A380 after Paris, and the route will see an uplift in capacity of 44 per cent compared with ...and more »

Private jet flips five times and plunges 10000ft after being 'battered by turbulence' from world's biggest passenger ... -

A small private jet rolled up to five times and plunged 10,000ft after reportedly being battered by turbulence from one of the world's biggest passenger planes. The business jet was travelling over the Arabian Sea carrying nine people when a gigantic ...and more »