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Pilots skilfully land an Airbus A380 as it sways violently from side to side in crosswinds -

A SKILLED pilot battled powerful crosswinds to safely land the world's largest airliner, harrowing new video shows. The Emirates Airbus A380 was on final approach at Germany's Dusseldorf airport after a flight from Dubai when it was slammed by Mother ...and more »

Emirates A380 Makes Bumpy Landing During Storm Xavier - HuffPost UK

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Airplane's Terrifying Landing May Put You Off Flying For Good - HuffPost

Dramatic footage shows the world's largest passenger airliner appearing to drift across the runway while landing at Dusseldorf Airport in Germany. The Emirates Airlines' Airbus A380 from Dubai bounced to its left and then to its right soon after ...and more »

Watch this crazy crosswind landing and try not to scream - BGR

Videos pop up time to time of passenger jets landing in crosswinds. It's not pretty and looks fiercely uncomfortable, but ultimately, it never looks like they're not going to stick the landing. That's not what happened here. This clip shows an Airbus ...and more »

Viral YouTube video shows Emirates A380 in terrifying landing at German airport - Arab News

DUBAI: This is one of those airplane rides that could make even the bravest passengers squirm with fear in their seats. Plane spotter Martin Bogdan has posted on YouTube a terrifying video showing an Emirates Airbus A380 being caught in huge gusts of ...and more »

That scary-looking crosswind A 380 landing - American Thinker (blog)

Millions of people have been viewing and forwarding or posting an alarming-looking video (embedded below) of a giant A 380 airliner landing in heavy crosswinds at Dusseldorf. It's scary-fun, but actually nothing unique to the Airbus or all that unusual.and more »

WATCH: Emirates plane SWERVES as it touches down on runway after tricky crosswind landing -

Video captured at Dusseldorf airport showed the stomach-churning moment an A380 landed in extreme crosswinds. The Emirates plane bounced around in the air as it descended closer to the runway. But the real show for spectators came once the aircraft ...and more »

Watch An Emirates A380 Land In A Ferocious Crosswind - Interesting Engineering

A 500-seat Emirates Airbus A380 was captured on film successfully landing in a terrifying crosswind at Dusseldorf airport in Germany this week. Flying in from Dubai, the plane's difficult touchdown was captured by Martin Bogdan who goes by the name ...and more »

Watch: Massive Emirates A380's hair-raising landing - New Zealand Herald

The world's biggest passenger jet has been involved in a wild, hair-raising landing in severe crosswinds - and it was all caught on camera. When landing in strong crosswinds, pilots will typically approach the runway with the plane at an angle to ...and more »

World's largest passenger plane has scary landing through powerful crosswinds in Dusseldorf -

WATCH: An Airbus A380, the world's largest passenger plane, fought against strong crosswinds as it landed. X. - A A +. Listen. Hundreds of passengers on an Emirates flight experienced a scary landing at Dusseldorf Airport in western Germany on Thursday ...and more »