The Morning After: Thursday, March 23rd 2017 - Engadget

Hey, good morning! Welcome to your Thursday morning. Now relax: we tap technology for ways to relax and decompress, get excited by Netflix's next big budget project, and learn how Google is trying to make location sharing happen. Again.and more »

Google Maps unveils new location sharing feature -

Google has announced that it will revamp its popular maps app to allow users to share their locations with friends and family. Within the next week, users worldwide will be able to share where they are in real time on devices running both Google's ...and more »

Google Maps adds feature that lets you stalk your mates (and straying other halves…) - The Sun

GOOGLE has launched a new feature that will help you stalk your mates – and your other halves. The location tracker allows you to follow a person as they move about town, and even provide an estimated time of arrival for a destination. Your friends can ...and more »

Google Maps Brings Real Time Location Sharing Feature - News18

Google Maps now allows users to share real-time location with their contacts. (Image: Google). Google Maps today announced a new real-time location sharing feature which will be available for both Android and iOS users. Users will be able to share ...and more »

Google Maps update brings real-time location sharing with friends, family - India Today

Alphabet's Inc Google on Thursday launched a new real-time location sharing feature for its users. The new update will be available for both Android and iOS users. Users will be able to share their real-time location with anyone and the people they ...and more »

Google just resurrected a feature it killed off four years ago - Alphr

Hot on the heels of allowing Maps users to pinpoint exactly where they parked their car, Google has announced plans to update the app yet again. The new feature will allow Google Maps users to share their location with friends, making meeting up that ...and more »

You Can Now Share Your Trips And Location With Your Friend In Google Maps - Geeky Gadgets

Google has added some new features to Google Maps, you will soon be able to share your location with your friends in real time. The new feature is coming to the iPhone, Android and also the mobile web and desktop, the video below shows how it works.and more »

Google Maps sparks privacy concerns after enabling location sharing - The Drum

Google Maps has added location sharing to its roster of features for the first time, making it easier to share your whereabouts with your contacts – sparking an inevitable flurry of privacy concerns. Mindful of these concerns Google has adopted an ...and more »

Google Maps will soon let you share your real-time location — here's how it works - South China Morning Post

If you're the type of person who texts your friends “I just left, I'll be there soon” when you're really about to step into the shower, you're not going to like this news: Google is updating its popular Maps app with new features to let friends view ...and more »

Google introduces real-time location share feature on Maps - MobileMarketing Magazine

Google has announced the upcoming rollout of a new feature to Maps that will let people share their location with friends and family – even if they don't have the Maps app. Available on both Android and iOS, users will be able to share their location ...and more »