Gunmen in Acapulco launch targeted attacks on police -

ACAPULCO, Mexico — Armed men launched near-simultaneous assaults on police in the Pacific resort of Acapulco, leaving one attacker dead and an officer wounded and terrifying residents in what has become one of the world's deadliest cities. The attacks ...and more »

Acapulco paralyzed by fear after gunfights between police and gang members - Los Angeles Times

The Pacific city of Acapulco remained gripped by fear Tuesday with thousands of businesses and many schools shuttered following two brazen attacks on federal authorities — the latest round of bloodshed in the city's long fall from storied vacation ...and more »

Night of Terror: Mexican Police and Heavily Armed Cartels Face Off in Acapulco - VICE News

The governor of Mexico's beleaguered southern state of Guerrero has promised to step up efforts to contain local drug cartels. The pledge came in response to a night of intense violence in the coastal city of Acapulco involving multiple clashes between ...and more »

Mexican Journalist Gunned Down After Reporting Cartel Violence - Breitbart News

A team of suspected cartel gunmen ambushed and murdered a local reporter in the Mexican state of Guerrero Monday morning as he left his home on his way to work. Mexican authorities have released minimal information on the case; however, they have ...and more »

VIDEO: Mexican Beach Resort Town Turned Into Cartel War Zone - Breitbart News

Over the weekend the Mexican beach resort Town of Acapulco Guerrero turned into a war zone as convoys carrying cartel gunmen clashed with police and military forces. Mexican authorities have released minimal details in an attempt to downplay the ...and more »

Mexican Resort Becomes War Zone As Cartels, Cops Get Into Gun Battle - Daily Caller

Mexican cartel killers shot up the local federal police headquarters as well as a hotel known to be frequented by cops in the tourist town of Acapulco in what became a two-hour gun battle Sunday. The BBC reports that tourists and locals alike in the ...and more »

Mexico police under gun attack in Acapulco - BBC News

Police officers came under attack in a two-hour gunfight in the Mexican city of Acapulco, officials say. Several gunmen attacked a hotel where officers stay, in the tourist area Las Playas on Sunday evening. Dozens of people had to shelter in shops ...and more »

Gun fights between police, gangs leave Acapulco on edge -

Police engaged in a gun battle with drug gang members in Acapulco, Mexico, the country's murder capital with 903 killings last year. Photo by alysta/Shutterstock. ACAPULCO, Mexico, April 27 (UPI) -- Police came under heavy attack Sunday evening at a ...and more »

Attack on police sows panic in Acapulco tourist hub -

A forensic medic inspects two people who were shot to death by unidentified attackers in Acapulco, Mexico, Sunday, April 17, 2016. AP. ACAPULCO, Mexico — Gunmen launched two nearly simultaneous attacks against federal police installations in ...and more »