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Twitter Says It's Trying Three Things to Combat Trolls - MIT Technology Review

For starters, once you've been banned for abusive content, you won't be allowed back. by Rachel Metz; February 7, 2017. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. Trolls have flourished on Twitter, and on Tuesday the social network outlined changes it is making to fight ...and more »

Twitter announces new measures to tackle abuse and harassment - The Guardian

Twitter has been under fire for failing to address hate and abuse on the site since its founding a decade ago but has recently suspended the accounts of figureheads of the 'alt-right' movement. Photograph: Lauren Hurley/PA. Twitter announced on Tuesday ...and more »

Twitter takes new steps to curb abuse, hate speech - CBS News

Twitter has broadened its campaign against hate speech and abuse. The company said Tuesday that it has begun identifying people who have been banned for abusive behavior and it will stop them from creating new accounts. In July, the company banned ...and more »

Twitter is rolling out three new ways to manage abusive tweets and users - The Next Web

Twitter is taking some real steps to curb abusive content. While the platform has made numerous small updates to make it easier to report and punish trolls, today's series of announcements are meant to make abusive tweets less visible in the first ...and more »

Twitter Tackles Trolls With Three New Anti-Harassment Features - BuzzFeed News

The company announces changes to timeline and search designed to hide "potentially abusive or low-quality" tweets and a policy update intended to crack down on abusive accounts from repeat offenders. Posted on February 7, 2017, at 6:01 a.m.. Charlie ...and more »

Twitter tries new measures in crackdown on harassment - CNNMoney

The social media company announced a new set of features Tuesday to combat hateful and abusive content. The changes include preventing serial abusers from creating new accounts, a new "safe search" function and blocking potentially abusive and "low ...and more »

Twitter rolls out changes to silence abuse on its service - TechCrunch

Twitter hinted last week that it would soon more thoroughly address the issues of safety and abuse on its network, and today it has announced a series of changes to its service as a result. The company says that it will now stop the creation of new ...and more »

Twitter Announces Censoring Search Results, 'Low-Quality Tweets' to Combat 'Abuse and Harassment' - Breitbart News

Twitter has officially announced three new changes to the platform in their latest effort to combat “abuse and harassment.” The changes include extra measures to stop suspended users from creating new accounts, “safer search results,” and the ...and more »

Twitter says it's cracking down on abuse (again) - USA TODAY

SAN FRANCISCO — Fairly or not, Twitter is known the Internet over as the place the trolls are. Stung by criticism that Twitter has allowed harassment and abuse to spread unchecked and under growing pressure from Wall Street to deliver growth, CEO Jack ...and more »

Here's How Twitter Is Trying to Stop Bullying and Abuse on Its Service - Fortune

It might become more difficult for bad actors to hurl abusive comments at random people on Twitter. Twitter said Tuesday that it made three new changes to its social messaging service that would presumably help its users avoid miscreants who clog their ...and more »