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Emoji? Bunny? The next generation Monopoly token? You decide - KITV Honolulu

Hashtags, emojis and even a rubber duck may replace dogs, cats and hats in an upcoming version of the Monopoly board game. Hasbro Inc. began a worldwide contest Tuesday to let people choose the eight tokens to be included in the next generation of the ...and more »

Vote for new or old Monopoly tokens - WRCB-TV

Changes are coming to the iconic Monopoly board game and they could involve emojis as game pieces. Hasbro, the maker of Monopoly, is letting the public vote for the next generation of tokens to be used in the game. You can choose from a mix of emojis ...and more »

Tokens Of Next Monopoly Game To Be Decided By Fans Through Online Voting: Here Are The 64 Choices - Tech Times

Game company Hasbro has put up an online voting system that will allow players to determine the eight tokens that will be featured in the next Monopoly game. Hasbro has been in tune with technology for the classic board game, with the most recent ...and more »

Monopoly's 56 New Tokens: See Them All -

As part of Hasbro's Monopoly Token Madness Vote, players will now get a chance to vote for their favorite pieces — essentially deciding the 8-token lineup of future games. However, the selections aren't just limited to the current pieces (Scottie Dog ...and more »

Emoji Are Here to Ruin Monopoly - New York Magazine

Because apparently nothing is sacred, Hasbro is holding an open vote to let people select a new set of Monopoly tokens. There are 64 token choices and the poll, which you can find here, is open for another three weeks. In case you haven't played ...and more »

Hasbro is having people vote to permanently replace Monopoly game tokens - The Comeback (blog)

After 80 years, the board game that we know and love, and in my case, the caused some heated arguments among family and friends, is going to make wholesale changes regarding their game tokens. For all this time, we have been used to playing with such ...and more »

You can vote for emoji to replace the current Monopoly tokens - Engadget

Hasbro is no stranger to taking votes on new Monopoly tokens, but this time around everyone's favorite tiny images are among the options. Between now and January 31st, you can select which of the 56 new game pieces you would like to see make the cut ...and more »

Monopoly is giving everyone the chance to vote for new game tokens -

Hasbro have launched a vote online to select eight completely new tokens for this year's version of the iconic boardgame. Monopoly's tokens have changed over the years since it was launched in 1933, the last time being the vote to replace the iron ...and more »

Monopoly Opens Up Voting For The Next Generation Of Tokens, And None Are Safe - Kotaku

Silver: the current Monopoly token lineup. Gold: new tokens up for a chance at board game fame. In 2013, fans voted to replace Monopoly's classic iron token with a cat. Now Hasbro is prepared to replace the entire token lineup based on the whims of ...and more »

Vote to replace all of Monopoly's tokens; Will NYC cultural institutions close on Inauguration Day? - 6Sqft (blog)

Since launching in 1933, Monopoly has updated its token to reflect the times. Now, they're letting the internet decide on replacements for all their tokens. [Gizmodo]; Meet Ariel Kennan, the director of design and product under Mayor de Blasio. [Fast ...and more »