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Man robbed of his innocence by nun speaks out decades later about his quest for justice -

A man, who was abused at the hands of the Catholic Church during the 1950s, has come forward with his story in the hope it gives others strength to do the same. A man, sexually abused as a child by a nun, kept his anguish secret for most of his life ...and more »

Catholic priest's alleged inappropriate conduct kept hidden from school nearby his residence for 'privacy reasons' - ABC Online

The Catholic Church decided not to tell a Canberra primary school a priest living next door had been accused of inappropriate conduct with children because it was concerned about his privacy, an independent report has found. The historical allegations ...and more »

Conservative Christianity Has Enabled Pedophiles for Untold Decades - The Daily Banter

The endless cover-ups mean they can abuse children with impunity and never pay the price. Author: Justin Rosario; Publish date: Jun 30, 2017; Social count: 8270. The endless cover-ups mean they can abuse children with impunity and never pay the price ...and more »

Senior Catholic Church officials have rarely faced charges in the sexual abuse of children. Here are a few who did - Los Angeles Times

Victims rights groups have long complained that criminal accountability for the sexual abuse of children by members of the Roman Catholic clergy has rarely extended above the level of priests, despite evidence that bishops and archbishops knew about ...and more »

Timeline: A look at the Catholic Church's sex abuse scandals - CNN

(CNN) For more than three decades, the Catholic Church has been rocked by sex abuse scandals spanning the globe. And for decades, the church has been accused of protecting itself rather than the victims of child sexual abuse. Here are some major ...and more »

Why the Catholic Church must continue soul-searching - CNN

Heidi Schlumpf is a columnist for the National Catholic Reporter and teaches communication at Aurora University. The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author. (CNN) The news that a high-ranking Vatican official has been ...and more »

Cardinal Pell's sex abuse charges come as no surprise to those familiar with the Church's attitude - The Independent

Unless you have been a victim of childhood sexual abuse it is difficult for people to understand the often life-long impact that it can have. Survivors suffer low self-esteem, guilt, shame and often have mental health problems which can lead to ...and more »

Flawed Catholic Church a test for the true believers - The Australian

The other day a visiting Israeli man bluntly asked me during a small dinner: was I religious? Well, yes, I replied, though not quite in the way I once would have answered. But Cardinal George Pell is not to blame for that. Twenty years ago, I probably ...and more »

New case of sexual abuse at convent school accepted by Catholic Church -

A West Coast man was abused at the hands of the Catholic Church during the 1950s. In a "very rare" ruling, the Catholic Church has found a nun guilty of sexually abusing a child in her care, it has emerged. Following an inquiry, the Catholic Church has ...and more »

When faith and AI intersect - Would you visit a robot priest? - Catholic Online

Would you visit a robot priest? How about for a wedding, or confession? The thought of such a thing is anathema for most Catholics. How can a machine convey the blessings of God to parishioners? It can't, but that doesn't mean artificial intelligence ...and more »