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Breast cancer survivors pose up in classical Rubens and Rembrandt paintings -

"I was really lucky that i'd found it so early. I encourage everyone I know to get checked, don't wait - early detection saves lives. " Anete Smith, breast cancer survivor shares her story for NZBCF awareness campaign. "You're too young for breast ...and more »

Routine mammograms do not save lives: The research is clear - The Conversation CA

As breast cancer awareness month kicks off, all women should know something: there is no reliable evidence that routine mammograms for healthy women save lives. There is good evidence that such mammograms can cause harm. And yet there are 12 ...and more »

Young Hamilton mum bares all for breast cancer - Waikato Times

Kelly McDiarmid was 37 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. It couldn't be breast cancer, Kelly McDiarmid said - she was just too young. Health professionals repeatedly backed that up: She was too young. Doctor, specialist, surgeon: they all said it.and more »

Overshadowed by pink: Breast cancer is important, but so are other cancers - STAT

won't be wearing pink this month, or taking part in a breast cancer walk, or donating money to breast cancer research. It's not that I don't think beating breast cancer is a good cause. It is. I believe that to my core. Money raised by breast cancer ...and more »

Closing the gap on metastatic breast cancer - EURACTIV

Languages: Français | Deutsch. Comments Print. This story is part of our series of articles on metastatic breast cancer. October is breast cancer awareness month. The pink ribbon movement has achieved progress in spreading awareness and pushing for ...and more »

Beyond 'Cut, Burn and Poison' - The Express Tribune

I've made the decision to have the surgery sooner rather than later. Every day, I'd think, I've only got a few hours left till they finally cut me off. I cannot help but wonder: when all of this is over — will he still want me? Maheen was 25 years old ...and more »

Our milestones: A radical change that improved breast cancer surgery - Cancer Research UK (blog)

In this post, we look at how a breast cancer clinical trial we helped fund in the 60s and 70s laid the foundations for improving surgery for women with early stage breast cancer. Its results allowed breast cancer surgeons to move away from 'radical' ...and more »

How to Manage the High Costs of Breast Cancer - Money Magazine

Molly MacDonald was transitioning to a new job in 2005 when she was hit with some unexpected news: She had breast cancer, and would have to undergo operations and radiation treatments, stat. Thankfully, the disease was caught at an early stage.and more »

Breast cancer screening: Spare a few minutes for a lifetime of survival - Omaha World-Herald

Editor's note: The following content is sponsored by Methodist Health System. * * * * *. Ninety-five percent. Catch breast cancer early, and today the chances of survival are extremely high. “It's treatable,” said Dr. Linda Snider, a diagnostic ...and more »

Stand Up To Cancer launches powerful campaign of women showing their mastectomy scars - The Independent

Fourteen women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, some of who are still receiving treatment, have taken part in a photo campaign proudly showing their mastectomy scars. The project, called 'Mastectomy', includes a series of gritty and honest ...and more »