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LG patents foldable phone-tablet hybrid -

The everlasting hope for phones with screens larger than their footprint pushed LG and Samsung to invest heavily in foldable technological innovations. LG just filed another patent for a foldable phone, which hold on to your hats, folds on the vertical ...and more »

Microsoft patent reveals foldable phone that turns into a tablet - The Verge

Microsoft is attempting to patent a device with a flexible hinge and display that would transform a phone into a tablet. Patent filings discovered by MSPoweruser reveal that Microsoft is, at least, experimenting with this type of concept for a future ...and more »

A new Microsoft foldable device patent offers more grist for the Surface phone rumor mill - PCWorld

In 2009, Microsoft enflamed the minds of consumers with Courier, a foldable phone/tablet concept that was eventually cancelled. Years later, a sort-of new patent implies Microsoft hasn't (or hadn't) totally given up on the idea. According to the new ...and more »

Could this be the Surface Phone? Microsoft awarded patents for a range of foldable mobile devices - Windows Central

I should preface this by saying that patents don't mean products. This could simply be Microsoft's way of protecting future ideas or prototypes that are simply too costly or problematic to ever see production. Still, it offers a tantalizing glimpse of ...and more »

Microsoft's latest mobile patent may provide next-generation Surface device clues - ZDNet

Will Microsoft end up making a mobile device that is reminiscent of the cancelled Courier dual-screen tablet and Surface Mini devices? mobiledeviceflexiblehing.jpg Credit: US PTO. Those waiting for the company to take another shot at the mobile market ...and more »

Microsoft Surface Studio review: you'll want one, even if you don't need one - Windows Central

The Surface Studio may be too successful for its own good. It's not designed — or priced — for everybody, but it's still great. Daniel Rubino. 16 Jan 2017 89. Microsoft's Surface Studio is perhaps its most ambitious – yet odd – addition to the ...and more »

Microsoft joins the foldable display club; patents 2-in-1 tablet-smartphone combo device - Tech2

Joining the ever-growing list of companies with foldable phone patents is Microsoft with its own take on the concept. MSPowerUser reports that Microsoft's patent went public yesterday. The patent application shows a device that looks like a tablet, but ...and more »

Microsoft patents a foldable phone-to-tablet mobile device - MSPoweruser

A new patent applied by Microsoft went public today and it describes a foldable tablet supported by a flexible hinge. When an average consumer makes a decision to buy a device, a size of the device becomes a primary consideration. A user may purchase a ...and more »

Foldable Surface Phone Could Be Ultimate 2-in-1 - Tom's Guide

It could be the phone that puts Windows 10 Mobile on the map. According to a new patent by Microsoft, the company is working on a phone with multiple flexible hinges, allowing it to double as a phone and a tablet. As reported on by MSPoweruser and The ...and more »

Folding Surface Phone teased in new Microsoft patent - SlashGear

Microsoft has patented a folding, flexible smartphone which could open out into a far more practical tablet, potentially teasing a possible Surface Phone form-factor. The patent, granted earlier this month, describes a “Mobile Computing Device having a ...and more »