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Priyanka Chopra reveals her character in Baywatch was actually written for a male actor - Bangalore Mirror

Priyanka Chopra says her career has never been dependent on somebody else's success or failure and instead, she chooses to focus on her films. Priyanka is gearing up for the release of her first Hollywood movie Baywatch, which will hit Indian theatres ...and more »

Movie review: Baywatch - New Zealand Herald

But it knows that, it did that on purpose and it isn't making any apologies for it. Just looking at its source material, it's obvious this reboot was never going to be a cinematic masterpiece. Baywatch is laden with penis jokes, sex jokes, race-based ...and more »

For an Ironic Jiggle Flick, Baywatch Is Not Half-Bad - Vulture

The new Baywatch movie is both a remake and a send-up of the preeningly stupid boobs-and-pecs TV lifeguard drama that was a joke the instant it premiered — though not the kind of joke in which the makers incessantly nudged you in the ribs and ...and more »

'Baywatch' Lifeguard Alexandra Daddario Used Duct Tape to Avoid a Fashion Emergency - Yahoo Food

Thanks to her longtime devotion to hot yoga, which helps her deal with anxiety and sleep issues, Alexandra Daddario thought she was ready for her close-up when she was cast as a lifeguard in the film adaptation of Baywatch. Alexandra Daddario who stars ...and more »

One Day They'll Say the “Baywatch” Movie Was the Day Dwayne Johnson Became President - Village Voice

Baywatch kinda baffled me. This R-rated comedy adaptation of the cheesy but sincere beach-set action series — which somehow became a worldwide phenomenon in the 1990s — is a movie that should be as enjoyably ridiculous as its source material. In some ...and more »

Beaches, Bathing Suits, And Finally On The Big Screen, 'Baywatch' - NPR

Dwayne Johnson, Ilfenesh Hadera and Kelly Rohrbach in the new guilty pleasure (until the story starts), Baywatch. Frank Masi/Courtesy of Paramount Pictures hide caption. toggle caption. Frank Masi/Courtesy of Paramount Pictures. Dwayne Johnson ...and more »

Zac Efron on Kissing Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson in 'Baywatch': 'He Tasted Like a Winterfresh Commercial' - Us Weekly

Zac Efron kissed The Rock … and he liked it! The hunky actor, 29, opened up in a new interview about locking lips with his costar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson for their movie reboot of Baywatch. See what he had to say in the video above. Stars — They're ...and more »

'Baywatch' review: Idiotic TV show becomes idiotic movie -

In an effort to match the collective heft of its cleavage, "Baywatch" renders all its characters as boobs. It's better than being a gluteus maximus, for sure, although there's plenty of those in the movie, too. I believe this is pretty much in line ...and more »

We need to talk about Hollywood's extreme new male aesthetic -

OPINION: My first thought when I sat down to see the big screen Baywatch adaptation last week (aside from "What the hell am I doing here"), was "I'm worried about Zac Efron". His skin looked papery thin, his muscles perpetually pumped, but his eyes, my ...and more »

Review: Baywatch is a limp, charmless waste of talent - Vox

Midway through Baywatch, it becomes evident why the movie adaptation of the trashy '90s TV action-drama earned an R-rating. Emerald Bay's life-saving, crime-solving lifeguard gang is examining a dead man's body, right down to his flaccid penis. The ...and more »