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Why has Pike footage been hidden for so long? - (press release)

New footage of workers servicing a robot in the Pike River drift appears to show that going into the drift doesn't pose the danger the Government and Solid Energy claimed, says Leader of the Opposition Andrew Little. “The Government must immediately ...and more »

Video: Inside the Pike River mine - what police never showed the families - Newshub

Video from inside Pike River shows a robot that appears to emit smoke or steam when it overheats, but there's no fire or even a flame. Police have kept the video, which was exclusively obtained by Newshub, from the families of killed miners. Full video ...and more »

Pike River survivor: 'It is a cover-up' - Newshub

A Pike River survivor says politicians need to put aside arguments about leaked video from the mine and just get the 29 bodies out. Russell Smith was one of only two survivors of the 2010 tragedy and believes a cover-up has taken place. Russell Smith ...and more »

Pike River: Thousands of unreleased photos - Radio New Zealand

Hundreds of gigabytes of information about the 2010 Pike River Mine disaster is yet to be released, the mother of one of the miners says. Solid Energy has said a special meeting may be held to discuss whether the mine's drift. Pike River Mine: The ...and more »

Unmanned Pike River entry would look for bodies in mine's drift, Nick Smith says - New Zealand Herald

Flames leap from the ventilation shaft at the Pike River Mine in the Paparoa Range in November 2010. New Zealand Herald photograph by Mark Mitchell. Nicholas Jones. By: Nicholas Jones. Political reporter, NZ Herald. ...and more »

Pike River father says Government lying about mine safety - New Zealand Herald

Pike River families spokesman Bernie Monk, whose son was killed in the explosion in the West Coast coal mine, said the newly leaked video footage did not come as a surprise. Photo/Dean Purcell. NZ Herald. By: Dubby Henry. Share via email Share on ...and more »

New footage inside Pike River mine revealed - Newshub

It shows the two mine rescue workers in an airlocked portal in the entry zone, waiting to go in, and then clearly shows them inside the tunnel itself before they send off the robot. There's also a photo of a letter pinned to the tunnel wall by mine ...and more »

Why did the latest Pike River mine footage cause such an uproar? -

Prime Minister Bill English speaking on the recent video that may show workers and a robot inside the mine. Leaked video from inside the Pike River mine was always going to cause a stir, but did the politicised reaction to the footage match the video's ...and more »

Pike River mine: Police deny keeping video from families - Newshub

Police have denied it "deliberately withheld" video showing a robot going into the Pike River mine, filmed just three months after the final explosion. In the video, two men wearing mines rescue uniforms can be seen working on the robot, which later ...and more »

Footage from inside Pike River mine leaked - New Zealand Herald

Footage from a robot inside Pike River mine that has been leaked to media will be considered as part of an investigation into the potential for an unmanned entry, the Government says. Labour and New Zealand First have both questioned why the footage ...and more »