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Las Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock Had an Unusual Financial Life. Here's What We Know - Money Magazine

As investigators work to uncover the motives of Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock, they keep coming back to one of the most unusual aspects of the 64-year-old's personal profile: his money. Paddock had two planes, owned multiple homes, and regularly ...and more »

What is a bump stock, the device Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock had in his arsenal? - Quartz

It is unclear yet which of the 23 guns Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock used when he killed at least 59 people and injured more than 500. Audio recordings from the scene strongly suggest that at least one of the guns was a fully automatic weapon or ...and more »

Why gun experts don't support banning – or buying – 'bump stocks' - Christian Science Monitor

Twelve of the 23 guns found in the Las Vegas shooter's hotel room were retrofitted with an add-on that allows a semiautomatic weapon to mimic the action of an automatic, according to the ATF. The buzz surrounding these add-ons follows a now-familiar ...and more »

5 charts that show how powerful the NRA is - Business Insider

trump nra Then-Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump addresses members of the National Rifle Association during their annual meeting in Louisville, Kentucky on May 20, 2016. REUTERS/John Sommers II The National Rifle Association represents ...and more »

Bump stocks used by Las Vegas gunman sell out - Radio New Zealand

Gun shops in the United States are reportedly selling out of a gun accessory known as a bump stock in the wake of the Las Vegas mass shooting. A bump stock device fits on a semi-automatic rifle to increase the firing speed. Photo: AFP. The device ...and more »

NRA calls for tougher laws on 'bump-stock' guns after Las Vegas massacre - Newshub

The US National Rifle Association says devices that allow semi-automatic rifles to function like fully automatic ones need tougher regulation. On Thursday the powerful gun lobby called on regulators to determine whether the bump-stock devices comply ...and more »

How America's gun lobby took the Republican Party hostage -

Democrats rally on the steps of the US Capitol to urge for gun control legislation in wake of the mass shooting in Las Vegas. The massacre of at least 58 people in Las Vegas is unlikely to galvanise US lawmakers to significantly tighten gun laws. The ...and more »

Want Gun Control? Learn From the NRA - New York Times

Is helpless outrage the only choice gun-control advocates have after Las Vegas? As the horrific news unfolded, share prices of major gun manufacturers rose. Market investors were trading on the ugly reality we all knew: Gun regulations would not change ...and more »

Details from Stephen Paddock's hotel room reveal extent of deadly planning - New Zealand Herald

American law enforcement say Stephen Paddock who shot at least 59 people dead in Las Vegas had amassed an arsenal of more than forty firearms. By: Victoria Craw. Share via email Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Show more Bookmark this ...and more »

NRA support for restricting 'bump stocks' reflects impact of Las Vegas massacre - Washington Post

The long-simmering debate in this country over gun rights took a dramatic turn Thursday when the National Rifle Association unexpectedly joined an effort to restrict a device used to accelerate gunfire in the Las Vegas massacre. The NRA's announcement ...and more »