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Russian 'cannibal couple' accused of killing and eating up to 30 people -

Investigators believe a Russian couple knocked their victims out with sedatives, then skinned them alive. Afterward, police say, they ate parts of their victims, froze the remains or packed them in jars filled with saline solution. At times, the couple ...and more »

Russian 'cannibal couple' may have killed, eaten 30 people, police say - Fox News

A Russian 'cannibal couple' drugged, killed and ate nearly 30 people in the City of Krasnador, officials said. Dmitry Baksheev and his wife, Natalia Baksheeva, have reportedly been skinning and eating their victims for the past three decades. rus2 ...and more »

Russian cannibal couple tried to sell 'human meat pies' to restaurants, made snacks for nearby soldiers - New York Daily News

A Russian couple who confessed to killing and eating at least 30 people turned soldiers into unknowing cannibals, and tried to sell "human meat pies" to local restaurants, according to authorities. Dmitry Baksheev and wife Natalia are believed to have ...and more »

'I could have been eaten too': Man who escaped 'cannibal couple who murdered 30' says he has nightmares about ... -

A man who escaped a notorious ' cannibal couple' accused of murdering and eating at least 30 people says he is now plagued by nightmares about his ordeal. Sergey Labintsev was a friend of Dmitry Baksheev and his wife Natalia Baksheeva - who has told ...and more »

Russian Cannibal Couple Reportedly Killed And Skinned Alive 30 People, Then Sold Pies Made From Their Meat - The Inquisitr

In a blood-curdling case, Russian authorities believe a cannibal couple killed and skinned alive up to 30 victims, before either eating their body parts themselves, preserving them in jars filled with saline solutions, or selling their meat to ...and more »

Final victim of Russia's 'cannibal couple who butchered 30 people to make meat PIES' was murdered in their 'killing ... - Daily Mail

The final victim of Russia's gruesome cannibal couple was murdered and dismembered after a vodka-fuelled row over jealousy, say investigators. Elena Vashrusheva, 35, was accused by evil Natalia Baksheeva, 42, of seducing her husband Dmitry Baksheev ...and more »

'Cannibal couple' accused of killing, eating as many as 30 people, police say -

Russian police have arrested Natalia Baksheeva, left, and her husband Dmitry Baksheev. The BBC reported that Baksheev admitted to police that he and his wife had practiced cannibalism at least 30 times in the past two decades. - Facebook. Investigators ...and more »

Russian 'cannibal couple' confess to eating 30 people, sold 'meat pieces' at army base, police say - USA TODAY

Russian investigators believe a couple arrested for murder in the city of Krasnodar may have practiced cannibalism for nearly 20 years and hidden victims' remains in their freezer and saline-filled jars occasionally used to supply "frozen meat pieces ...and more »

Russian 'Cannibal Couple' Suspected of Killing and Eating Dozens of Victims - VICE en_us

Police reportedly tracked down the husband and wife after finding a cellphone with photos of a woman's dismembered body. SHARE · TWEET · Drew Schwartz. Sep 25 2017, 8:17pm. Color engraving by Theodore de Bry/Getty Images. A pair of Russians dubbed the ...and more »

Russian 'Cannibal Couple' Suspected Of Killing, Eating Up To 30 People - Huffington Post Australia

It was a chance discovery of a cellphone on a street that led investigators in the southwestern Russian city of Krasnodar to arrest a husband and wife, dubbed by local media the “cannibal couple,” suspected in one of the worst killing sprees in the ...and more »