Republican health bill on the brink hours before showdown vote - CTV News

WASHINGTON - The GOP's long-promised legislation to repeal and replace "Obamacare" stood on the brink just hours before Republican leaders planned to put it on the House floor for a showdown vote. Short of support, GOP leaders looked to U.S. ...and more »

Donald Trump lobbies Congress on eve of key health care vote - Deccan Chronicle

The Republican-controlled House of Representatives votes Thursday on a key plank of Trump's legislative agenda. US President Donald Trump. Washington: US President Donald Trump's much-vaunted negotiating skills were put to the test Wednesday as ...and more »

ObamaCare replacement bill in jeopardy after conservatives, moderates fail to reach deal - Fox News

House Republicans' ObamaCare replacement plan was in peril early Thursday after lengthy leadership and committee meetings failed to produce an agreement that would shore up support among conservative members. "We have not cut the deal yet," said ...and more »

Republican health bill would widen America's big wealth gap - News & Observer

FILE - In this March 15, 2017, file photo, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. gestures during a television interview on Capitol Hill in Washington. House Republicans' health care bill provides massive tax cuts to the wealthy while increasing taxes for many ...and more »

Leaders Struggle to Unite House Republicans Behind Health Bill - New York Times

Representative Jim Jordan of the House Freedom Caucus. More than 25 of its members were said to oppose the bill. Credit Stephen Crowley/The New York Times. WASHINGTON — The House bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act faced an uncertain fate on ...and more »

Can Trumpcare live up to its promises? - Deutsche Welle

The vote over a bill which will repeal Obamacare is a key test of the Trump presidency. It'll also affect millions of lives. The plan will be good for the federal economy but it'll be a burden on budgets.and more »

Leaders need votes for health bill on eve of House showdown - Chicago Sun-Times

House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Rep. Greg Walden, R-Ore. (left), confers with House Rules Committee Chairman Rep. Pete Sessions, R-Texas, on Capitol Hill Wednesday during a meeting to shape the final version of the Republican ...and more »

Late GOP Proposal Could Mean Plans That Cover Aromatherapy but Not Chemotherapy - New York Times

Most Republicans in Congress prefer the type of health insurance market in which everyone could “choose the plan that's right for them.” Why should a 60-year-old man have to buy a plan that includes maternity benefits he'll never use? (This is an ...and more »

White House shift to right on health care angers moderates - Politico

The Republican push to replace Obamacare – backed forcefully by President Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan —is in jeopardy, as a last-ditch bid by the White House to win conservative support late Wednesday appeared to repel moderates.and more »

Donald Trump and the Republicans Shotgun Marriage Is Off to a Rocky Start - Daily Beast

Things got hot and heavy between conservatives and populists, but they don't really belong together over the long haul. Will Marshall. 03.22.17 10:00 PM ET. Many Congressional Republicans regard Donald Trump as an interloper, so it's not surprising ...and more »