Trace Lysette, Gigi Gorgeous and More Read Empowering Messages for Transgender Day of Visibility -

It's a day to feel empowered. Today, March 31, is Transgender Day of Visibility, a day centered on celebrating the accomplishments, achievements and presence of transgender and gender non-conforming people across the globe. Unlike Transgender Day of ...and more »

Laverne Cox on Transgender Day of Visibility: 'We will not be erased' - USA TODAY

Laverne Cox is using her visibility to make sure others in her community aren't overlooked. The actress/activist was one of the many recognizing Transgender Day of Visibility on social media Friday, but her message went a step further, moving beyond ...and more »

Students speak up during Transgender Day of Visibility - USA TODAY

Activists and members of the transgender community gathered outside the historic LGTB bar, the Stonewall Inn in NYC. (Photo: Spencer Platt, Getty Images). Today is not just any Friday — it's the International Transgender Day of Visibility, which is a ...and more »

What It's Like To Come Out As Trans To Strangers - Huffington Post

The process of coming out as trans can be daunting. There are many stories that serve as inspiration or listicles that offer tips for the difficult conversation but the task is difficult, no matter how you slice it. Summoning the courage to reveal your ...and more »

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Happy Friday, and happy *almost* April! Don't forget, tomorrow is April Fools' Day (here's some last-minute prank inspiration), so don't fall for any proposals or baby announcements on Facebook. Before you head out and start unwinding from the ...and more »

Trans Advocates Honor Transgender Day of Visibility With 'Kind Comments' -

In recognition of Transgender Day of Visibility, which is on March 31, LGBTQ-rights organization GLAAD, genderqueer activist Jacob Tobia and Instagram teamed up to produce "Kind Comments." The social media project involves several well-known trans ...and more »

Transgender flags raised in Michigan communities on Day of Visibility -

YPSILANTI, MI - A transgender pride flag was hoisted over Ypsilanti Police Headquarters on Friday in what officials called a symbol of individual identity and a show of support. At least seven other communities across Michigan also planned to fly the ...and more »

Transgender Father & Daughter Speak Out on North Carolina 'Bathroom Bill: 'It's Not a Repeal' -

Eric Maison & his daughter Corey, who are both trans, share their story on the Transgender Day of Visibility. Both Corey and Eric — who were featured in National Geographic's Gender Revolution issue — say they feel “complete,” and coming out as their ...and more »

Transgender Australians bravely discuss why visibility is so vital - Mashable

The transgender community is perhaps the most visible it has ever been — and a new video shows why that's so important. The video, titled We Are Visible, is a quick, comprehensive primer on what being part of the trans community means to gender ...and more »

Twins who transitioned from sisters to brothers celebrate transgender flag raising -

YPSILANTI, MI - The blue, pink and white flag raised at Ypsilanti Community Schools on Friday, March 31 meant a lot to high school juniors Ryen and Erich Thomas. "I'm just very happy to see this happening at a school in such a public way to show ...and more »