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Oh Yes, Apple Just Filed a Patent for a Sick Vape - Gizmodo

Apple has patented some weird stuff in the past year—remember Bag, the foldable phone, and the phone that's all screen? Yet its latest application puts even those strange ideas to shame. Get ready, Congressman Duncan Hunter: Apple just filed a patent ...and more »

Apple Has A Patent For A Vaporizer: Company Planning To Target The Vaping Market? - Tech Times

Apple is apparently tapping into the vaping audience as per a new patent published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office this week, detailing the company's potential technology for vaporizing. Filed last year, the patent outlines plans for a device ...and more »

Haha, Apple Just Patented a Freaking Vape - Thrillist

Apple's been coasting on the success of the iPhone for years, but as we've previously written, the company desperately needs to put out a new and truly innovative product soon if it plans to keep up with the competition. Perhaps augmented-reality ...and more »

Patent application suggests Apple might be eyeing the vaping industry - Digital Trends

Apple may be dabbling in cars, wearables, and other technologies outside its core smartphone and computers business, but here is an area few people would expect the Cupertino, California company to enter. A recently published patent application ...and more »

Why Did Apple Just File a Vaporizer Patent? - Tom's Guide

Apple has filed for a pretty odd patent. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on Thursday published an Apple patent application for a new "vaporizer" technology. The patent application describes a "chamber body" that can take an unidentified ...and more »

Apple Just Invented a New Vaporizer. Too Bad You Can't Buy It - Leafly

Apple is a famously secretive company, so tech reporters eager to get a scoop sometimes sift through the company's patent applications to see what the tech giant might be cooking up. This week a search turned up something unusual: diagrams for what ...and more »

Apple patents a vaporizer - CNNMoney

Apple's product lineup may extend beyond cars and the connected home. A patent filed last year and published January 26 reveals a concept for a vaporizer. The details are a bit hazy -- that is, Apple's (AAPL) patent only describes "a substance that is ...and more »

Apple Has Patented Some Sort of Vaporizer - New York Magazine

A common refrain about the current state of Apple products is that Steve Jobs would have hated them. But a patent, first spotted by Digital Trends, for some sort of vaporizer seems like something Jobs maybe would have been into. Jobs, who took LSD 10 ...and more »

Is Apple Going to sell a Vaporizer for Dope Heads like CNN Thinks? No, not in this Lifetime - Patently Apple

CNN along with a host of mindless reporters ran with a misguided report yesterday about a newly published Apple patent that they claimed was an invention by Apple related to a consumer Vape with a possible doping twist. CNN writes that "Many people use ...and more »

No, Apple Isn't Working on a Vape - Mac Rumors

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Thursday published an Apple patent application for a "sublimator/vaporizer" invention, leading to sensational headlines suggesting Apple might release a vape or enter the vaping industry. In actuality—and this ...and more »