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Vice presidential debate: Mike Pence was not asked a single question about his decades-long assault on LGBT rights - Quartz

Mike Pence, the Republican governor of Indiana running to be Donald Trump's vice president, has devoted his life in public service to impeding the rights of LGBT Americans. But if you watched tonight's one and only vice presidential debate, you would ...and more »

'That Mexican Thing': Pence's Debate Retort Goes Viral - Newsmax

Mike Pence's off-the-cuff comment about "that Mexican thing" during Tuesday's vice-presidential debate has become a social-media sensation with the farcical phrase going viral only minutes after it was uttered. The Indiana governor's resonating crack ...and more »

Tim Kaine recalls Mike Pence comment on Vladimir Putin - PolitiFact

One of the themes of the vice presidential debate in Farmville, Va., involved Tim Kaine pressing Mike Pence on controversial statements made by either Pence or Donald Trump. Kaine, a Democratic U.S. senator from Virginia, tried particularly hard to pin ...and more »

Mike Pence Splits With Donald Trump On Putin And Russia - BuzzFeed News

Mike Pence was clear on Tuesday night: Russia is a geopolitical aggressor led by a "small and bullying leader," Vladimir Putin. That posture isn't unusual in politics — Mitt Romney in 2012 argued Russia was a core threat to the United States. But it ...and more »

Tim Kaine says Donald Trump, Mike Pence want to eliminate the federal minimum wage - PolitiFact

Trump has made some conflicting statements about wages. Early in the campaign, he often said wages were too high and showed no interest in raising the federal minimum wage. "We have to become competitive with the world," he said on MSNBC's Morning ...and more »

Transcript of the 2016 Debate Between the Running Mates - New York Times

Following is a transcript of the vice-presidential debate on Tuesday, as transcribed by the Federal News Service. QUIJANO: Good evening. From Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia, and welcome to the first, and only, vice presidential debate of ...and more »

Insiders: Pence outclassed Trump - Politico

Mike Pence didn't just defeat Tim Kaine in their only debate — he also outshined Donald Trump. A majority of the battleground-state insiders who comprise The POLITICO Caucus gave Pence the edge over Kaine in their vice presidential debate at Virginia ...and more »

FactChecking the VP Debate -

FARMVILLE, Va. — Vice presidential candidates Mike Pence and Tim Kaine got their one chance to debate, and it was a fact-checking bonanza: Pence said “that's nonsense” after Kaine claimed Trump was proposing a “deportation force” to “go house to ...and more »

Kaine vs. Pence: Two key moments from the debate - The Conversation US

Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine and Indiana Gov. Mike Pence took the debate stage Tuesday evening. As America was getting acquainted with the vice presidential candidates, we asked two scholars to pick a key quote from the evening and tell us why it was ...and more »

In Context: 'Senator, you've whipped out that Mexican thing again' - PolitiFact

After Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine pressed his Republican counterpart to defend Donald Trump's references to Mexicans and Mexico, Mike Pence replied: "Senator, you've whipped out that Mexican thing again." We don't think Pence was ...and more »