Editorial: The case that did Cuenco in | SunStar - Sun.Star

Sun.StarEditorial: The case that did Cuenco in | SunStarSun.StarBECAUSE of the current battle for control in the Cebu City Council, the suspicion that Mayor Tomas Osmeña may have a hand in the dismissal of Councilor James Anthony Cuenco from public service could sound credible. Besides, the case that did Cuenco in ...and more »

Wenceslao: PS to Kian issue | SunStar - Sun.Star

Wenceslao: PS to Kian issue | SunStarSun.StarI HAVE pointed this out a number of times before: Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña is like rust that, to quote folk singer Neil Young, “never sleeps.” The recent dismissal by the Office of the Ombudsman of City Councilor James Anthony Cuenco could be ...and more »