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Flying off the shelves: Demand for the Pixel and Pixel XL now exceeds supply - Digital Trends

Never underestimate the power (or popularity) of Google. That would appear to be the lesson Verizon is now learning, as demand for Google Pixel smartphones is exceeding the carrier's supply. As per new data from Wave7 Research, the Pixel made up 9.5 ...and more »

Android One phones could be coming to the US - SlashGear

Just when you thought Google was done with its different Android brands and settling on a single, premium Pixel, this rumor comes along. According the quintessential people familiar with the matter, the Android maker is actually planning to increase ...and more »

A cheap Android One phone could come to the US this year - Engadget

The Android One program that aimed to standardize expectations for low-cost phones launched in 2014 and hasn't revolutionized the mobile arena so far. Still, Google is expected to make another run at the initiative, and a report by The Information ...and more »

Google's low-cost Android One program may expand to the US - Greenbot

When Google launched its Android One program in 2014 it was designed for one main reason: to create a system of standards for phones in developing countries. Targeting emerging markets in Pakistan, India, the Philippines, Indonesia, and others, the ...and more »

Google Pixel Review - Ubergizmo

google-pixel-xl_env_01 Google's “Pixel” line of products is designed to be the highest-end, top of the line hardware from Google. It is very different from the Nexus line of products, which is designed to provide excellent “quality for the price”. In a ...and more »

Google is doing a terrible job at shipping its Pixel smartphones - The Verge

The Google Pixel and Pixel XL launched three months ago in October to a very enthusiastic response. They're terrific smartphones. Our review headline called them a home run. But in the weeks since, it has become incredibly difficult for consumers to ...and more »

Low-cost Android One phones reportedly coming to the US - The Verge

Google's Android One platform was originally designed to provide low-cost Android devices to developing markets without the stuff that usually comes with low-cost Android devices: bloatware, competing services, and a crippling lack of software and ...and more »

Google will reportedly launch Android One in the US - Ars Technica

A report from The Information (paywall) claims that Google is going to bring its cheap smartphone initiative, Android One, to the US. Android One was originally cooked up for developing markets like India, which saw Google lay out guidelines for OEMs ...and more »

Google tells Pixel users with audio problems to turn their phones down -

GOOGLE HAS issued a response to complaints that the sound on their Pixel device is distorting, but it's probably not the one they wanted. The device has been accused of having fairly lousy sound quality when you turn the volume up since it was launched ...and more »

Google Pixel cracking audio is hardware-based after all - SlashGear

Google might have an angry mob at its doorsteps if this latest revelation about the Google Pixel will be confirmed to be the final word about the smartphone. Already riddled by bugs or hardware issues, the first “made by Google” smartphone might end up ...and more »