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Monster Alligator Spotted In Florida Could Set New Record - Forbes

Eric Mack , Contributor I cover science and innovation and products and policies they create. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Massive gator spotted at Circle B Bar Reserve in Polk County. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If ...and more »

Massive Alligator Caught on Video Is Not a Hoax - National Geographic

This gator, the size of a small car, may be evidence that the population is making a comeback. This truly massive alligator was spotted casually walking across a path in Central Florida. The locals call it "Hunchback." ...and more »

Watch a Massive Alligator Casually Stroll Across a Trail in Florida - Travel+Leisure

When you spot an unbelievably giant lizard crossing a path in front of you, you'd better grab your camera. “Mr. Humpback”—a 12-foot alligator living in the Circle B Bar Reserve in Lakeland, Florida—is used to this treatment. Nature lovers flock to ...and more »

Gigantic gator spotted at Florida nature reserve - Colorado Springs and Pueblo News

(WESH) People on social media are going crazy over a massive alligator recorded Sunday at a nature reserve in Polk County, Florida. The alligator was recorded crossing a path Sunday at the Circle B Bar Reserve, a protected wildlife area near Lakeland ...and more »

Massive Alligator Stuns Photographers, Proves Just How Wild Florida Is - Huffington Post

A massive alligator, easily as long as a minivan, was caught on video crossing paths with nature enthusiasts in central Florida on Sunday, in a scene that was described as “very exciting” by one brave eyewitness. Kim Joiner, who posted her now-viral ...and more »

Later Gator! Video of Giant 'Humpback' Alligator Goes Viral - Live Science

Why did the alligator cross the road? To get to the other side … very, very, slowly. A viral video of a massive, and monstrous alligator known unofficially as "Humpback" has just been posted on the Facebook page of a natural reserve in Florida. The ...and more »

12-foot-long alligator spotted by tourists on Florida reserve - The Independent

Video has captured the moment visitors to a nature reserve crossed the path of a giant alligator. Kim Joiner was within metres of the animal at Circle B Bar Reserve in Florida, and was quick enough to reach for her camera. “I saw it coming.” Ms Joiner ...and more »

Massive strolling alligator enthralls tourists at Fla. nature reserve — and on video - Washington Post

The Florida alligator refused to wow the small crowd, if it noticed them, with a burst of speed as it crossed the grassy path. Its size was enough. Each slow step was like the twist of a queen's wave, as though such things as urgency were below the ...and more »

Check out this monster alligator!! - CBBC Newsround

Check out this massive alligator as it goes for a stroll in a US animal reserve! Only a small group of people were lucky enough to see the huge beast - called Humpback - in Lakeland, Florida. Wildlife experts have estimated the alligator weighs about ...and more »

Found: Enormous Alligator Going for a Stroll - Atlas Obscura

Some of us like a good stroll through the grass. So do giant alligators, apparently. The Lakeland PD, which calls the alligator “HUGE GINORMUS VERY LARGE,” reports that Lakeland local Kim Joiner captured the alligator on its constitutional at Circle B ...and more »