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Close to the Metal Ep. 45: Computex 2017 reignites the fight between AMD and Intel - Digital Trends

Close to the Metal Ep. 50: We talk Threadripper and Vega at 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT · Close to the Metal Ep. 49: Build your own gaming desktop, or let someone else do it? Close to the Metal Ep. 48: A breaking point for Bitcoin · Close to the Metal Ep. 47 ...and more »

Intel unveils X-series platform: Up to 18 cores and 36 threads, from $242 to $2000 - Ars Technica

AMD announced its new high-end desktop (HEDT) platform, the 16-core 32-thread ThreadRipper a couple of weeks ago. At Computex in Taipei, it is Intel's turn to update its HEDT platform, and it is one-upping AMD in the process. The Intel platform ...and more »

Intel announces Core X line of high-end processors, including new Core i9 chips - The Verge

Intel announced a new family of “Core X” desktop processors at Computex today, offering even more powerful versions of its existing Core i5 and Core i7 models, along with a new, top-of-the-line Core i9 line for those who want even more firepower. The ...and more »

Intel's New Processors Are Built For the High-Powered Future of PCs - WIRED

In recent years, the rollout of desktop processors has felt a bit stale. You generally know what you're going to get: a little more power, a little more efficiency. And while Intel's latest update doesn't reinvent the chip, it does provide obscene ...and more »

Intel says its upcoming 8th generation Core processors will have 30% better performance -

The insane 18-core i9 processors in the new Core X series are not everything that Intel has revealed today. The company has also outed an important detail about its upcoming 8th generation Core CPUs for the mainstream. These will become available in ...and more »

Intel announces new Core X-series processors, features the new Core i9 -

Intel has announced the new Core X-series, the company's flagship series of enthusiast desktop processors. With the introduction of this series, Intel has also introduced the new Core i9 series of processors. Based on the new X299/LGA2066 "Basin Falls ...and more »

Intel Core i9-7980XE 18-Core Processor Spearheads Beastly Core X-Series CPU Family - Hot Hardware

We've heard rumors regarding Intel's upcoming Kaby Lake-X and Skylake-X processors for the past few months, but today it's finally time for the official roll-out of these new flagship Intel CPUs. We were no doubt impressed by the initial specs that ...and more »

Intel's New Core X CPU Comes With 18 Cores - PCMag

A teraflop of performance in an Intel desktop CPU? Yes, please. You'll need to shell out handsomely to get it, but Intel's new Core X processor family, unveiled on Tuesday, is designed to handle any task an extreme gamer or video editor can throw at it ...and more »

5 reasons you'll want Intel's crazy new Core i9 CPUs, and 3 reasons you won't - CNET

At Computex 2017, Intel announced a new series of desktop processors, under the Core X name. That's an enthusiast platform for desktop PC owners who want to push for more performance through overclocking, play games at 4K and beyond and process video ...and more »

Intel's Core i9 Extreme Edition CPU is an 18-core beast - Engadget

Last year at Computex, Intel unveiled its first 10-core consumer CPU, the company's move into the world of a "megatasking." It was a pricey chip, launching at around $1,700, but it satisfied users who needed to juggle several intensive tasks at once ...and more »