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Defense Chief James Mattis Says the US Is Now Using 'Annihilation Tactics' Against ISIS - TIME

Defense Secretary James Mattis said Sunday that U.S. forces have entered a new, more aggressive phase in the fight against the Islamic State (ISIS), which he termed “annihilation tactics.” Speaking on CBS' Face the Nation, Mattis said the U.S. military ...and more »

France's Special Forces Hunt French Militants Fighting for Islamic State - Wall Street Journal

MOSUL, Iraq—French special forces here have for months enlisted Iraqi soldiers to hunt and kill French nationals who have joined the senior ranks of Islamic State, according to Iraqi officers and current and former French officials. Iraqi commanders ...and more »

Operation merciless -

The battle for Mosul should have been brought to an end a long time ago. Last October, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi promised the city would be liberated within three months. But the battle for what used to be Iraq's second largest city has now ...and more »

Defense secretary Mattis says US policy against Isis is now 'annihilation' - The Guardian

Secretary of Defense James Mattis, shown Saturday at the military academy West Point, said Sunday that the US planned to “accellerate the campaign against Isis”. Photograph: Julie Jacobson/AP. US military. Defense secretary Mattis says US policy ...and more »

France is 'hunting down its citizens who joined Isis' without trial in Iraq - The Independent

An Isis fighter holds up the group's flag after seizing the Iraqi city of Mosul on 23 June 2014. A seven-month long US-led coalition effort to free the city has almost succeeded in its goal Reuters. France is allegedly providing crucial intelligence ...and more »

Defeat-ISIS 'Annihilation' Campaign Accelerating, Mattis Says - Department of Defense

WASHINGTON, May 28, 2017 — Nothing keeps Defense Secretary Jim Mattis awake at night. "I keep other people awake," he told CBS reporter John Dickerson. The secretary sat down today for his first television interview with Face the Nation. He spoke ...and more »

Muslim volunteers repair Catholic monastery because 'Mosul is yours as it is ours' - The Independent

Muslim volunteers pitched in to help repair a Christian monastery near the Iraqi city of Mosul, it has been claimed. Young residents of the al-Arabi neighbourhood, which had been occupied by Isis until earlier this year, helped to restore the damaged ...and more »

Dozens of fleeing civilians killed, wounded by Islamic State mortar fire in Mosul - Reuters

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - At least seven civilians were killed and 23 wounded by Islamic State mortar shells as they tried to flee Mosul's militant-controlled Zanjili district on Thursday, Iraqi police said. A displaced Iraqi boy carries a clock as he flees ...and more »

Bulldozers have become more crucial — and more vulnerable — in the fight against the Islamic State - Washington Post

MOSUL, Iraq — On the front lines, the jagged teeth of a young soldier's bulldozer mark the beginning of Iraq's territory and the end of the Islamic State's. Pvt. Mohammed Ali al-Shwele is 19, weathered and lean. He has been shot at, rocketed and ...and more »

Iraqi forces in last stages of defeating IS in western Mosul: PM - Xinhua

Maan al-Saadi (C), commander of Counter-Terrorism Service (CTS) special operations, talks with other military officials in al-Saha neighborhood of western Mosul, Iraq on May 29, 2017. Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said on Monday that Iraqi ...and more »