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'Logan' turns into a free-for-all bloodfest - Christian Science Monitor

'Logan' stars Hugh Jackman as the title character, also known as Wolverine, who in the dystopic world of the film is one of the few mutants left. Jackman gives Logan a withering rage that seems heartfelt, not hammy. From left, Boyd Holbrook, and Hugh ...and more »

Review: In 'Logan,' a Comic-Book Stalwart Turns Noirish Western - New York Times

“Logan” is good enough that you might forget it's a comic-book movie. It's another entry in the tireless X-Men saga but doesn't play like a retread or an ad for the next installment; instead, it plays, looks and sounds like a movie — an old-school ...and more »

The Dark, Dystopian Logan Is Epic in Its Brutality - Vulture

Hugh Jackman and Stephen Merchant in Logan. Photo: Ben Rothstein/Marvel. TM and 2017 Twentieth Century Fox. My reaction while watching the new Fox superhero movie Logan was a series of variations on the word “fuck,” as in, “Holy fuck!” “Fuck me!” and ...and more »

'Logan' shows claws in grim X-Men solo outing - CNN

(CNN) After 17 years playing Wolverine, Hugh Jackman and the X-Men character that launched his career are finally on a first-name basis. "Logan," his latest solo adventure, is an especially grim affair -- a marginally successful movie that carves out a ...and more »

Logan makes a run for the border, and it's worth going along: review - Toronto Star

The national boundaries of Canada and Mexico figure prominently in the dystopian road trip plot of Logan, the latest sequel in the X-Men and Wolverine franchises. Hugh Jackman and youn star Dafne Keen appear in Logan. (Ben Rothstein). By Peter Howell ...and more »

'Logan' Box Office Hits $85.3 Million as Fox's Bet Pays Off - New York Times

LOS ANGELES — Aging fanboys and enthusiasm from critics propelled “Logan,” an R-rated “X-Men” spinoff, to a fat $85.3 million in domestic ticket sales over the weekend. “The Shack,” aimed at religious audiences, also got off to a strong start, but the ...and more »

'Logan' Finishes Jackman's Wolverine and Kick-Starts March - Box Office Mojo

Update: Monday, 3/6/17: Looks like Logan had more in him on Sunday than Fox was guess-timating. Actuals have come in at $88.4 million this last weekend (was $85.3 million), with the film easing off of Saturday only 23% and a stellar $21,717 per screen ...and more »

'Logan' is an offbeat superhero flick -

Logan (Hugh Jackman) prefers not to be reminded of his days as Wolverine, the metal-clawed hero who fought alongside the X-Men while battling his own demons. Those days are far behind him as he tends to sickly Professor X (Patrick Stewart) — and ...and more »

'Logan' Is The Best At What It Does — And What It Does Is Gritty - NPR

Long live Logan, James Mangold's sad, stirring requiem for the X-Men franchise's most beloved character. The only problem with calling it the boldest and most affecting superhero flick in many years is that it's barely a superhero movie at all. It ...and more »

A reason to be jealous of Hugh Jackman's marriage -

If there's a nicer guy in Hollywood than Hugh Jackman I've yet to meet him. In the 16 years I've known him, I've never heard a disparaging word about anyone from him. On the contrary he's the first to sing the praises of anyone lucky enough to have ...and more »