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Philippines: Manila implements total smoking ban in all public areas - Asian Correspondent

BEGINNING today, smoking has been banned in the Philippines capital after its mayor issued a directive prohibiting the act in all public areas. According to ABS-CBN News, mayor Joseph Estrada implemented the smoking ban in Manila on Monday, similar to ...and more »

Manila rolls out smoking ban - ABS-CBN News

Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada on Monday implemented a smoking ban in the capital, emulating an existing law in Davao City where President Duterte ruled as mayor for 22 years. Estrada, through City Ordinance 7748, prohibited smoking in public areas in ...and more »

Estrada orders strict enforcement of smoking ban in Manila -

Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada on Monday ordered the strict enforcement of a city ordinance that bans smoking in public places in the city. In a statement, Estrada said his Valentine's wish for every Manileño was to quit smoking, in time for the ...and more »

Estrada backs Duterte move vs NPA, hopes talks can be saved -

MANILA — Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada has expressed support for President Rodrigo Duterte's declaration of all-out war against the communist rebel New People's Army. Estrada, a former president, released a statement a day after the Communist Party of ...and more »

Erap quits smoking, imposes ban -

After a bout with asthmatic bronchitis landed him in the hospital for a few days in December, Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada announced on Monday that he had quit smoking. At the same time, he ordered the intensified citywide implementation of a smoking ...and more »

Ex-smoker Erap orders smoking ban in public places in Manila - GMA News

Now a non-smoker himself, former President and now Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada on Monday ordered the strict implementation of the city ordinance prohibiting smoking in all public places in the city. In a press statement, Estrada said City Ordinance No.and more »