New Zealand cows rescued after stranded by earthquake - BBC News

Three cows stranded on a tiny island of grass after Monday's earthquake in New Zealand have been rescued. Newshub reported that their owner, Derrick Millton, dug a track and herded them down to a safer area. A geologist told the news portal that the ...

Ships Reach New Zealand Town Cut Off by Quake - Voice of America

Two New Zealand navy vessels on Wednesday reached a small South Island town cut off for more than two days by a devastating earthquake, bringing supplies of food and water and plans to evacuate hundreds of stranded tourists and residents.

New Zealand earthquake: Warships head to Kaikoura - BBC News

Australian, Canadian and US warships are helping with evacuations and supplying aid to the New Zealand town of Kaikoura after a series of tremors. About 600 people were evacuated on Wednesday by air and sea. Workers also established emergency road ...

125 Chinese tourists stranded in Kaikoura evacuated - CCTV

The Chinese consulate in Christchurch has said all the Chinese tourists stranded in the devastated town of Kaikoura are now safe. Rescue efforts following the magnitude-7.5 quake continue. Chinese tourists arrive in Christchurch, New Zealand, Nov.

Aftershocks and Flooding Batter New Zealand In Earthquake Aftermath - TIME

A state of emergency has been declared in the South Island's Canterbury region, where as many as a thousand tourists and residents have been stranded in the coastal town of Kaikoura. Heavy rain combined with earthquakes have left the town cut off.

New Zealand evacuates quake-hit town, fears of Wellington building collapse - Reuters

WELLINGTON New Zealand emergency services and defense personnel evacuated hundreds of tourists and residents from a small South Island town amid more strong aftershocks on Tuesday, a day after a powerful earthquake killed two people.