Samsung will now let you charge your recalled Galaxy Note 7 to 80 percent - The Verge

Some people refuse to return their recalled Samsung Galaxy Note 7, so the company is trying to make the phones safer by limiting how much they can be charged. Samsung recalled its Note 7s earlier this month after reports of batteries overheating and ...and more »

Samsung: 'about half' of dangerous Note 7s have been exchanged in the US - The Verge

Samsung is claiming that “about half” of the Galaxy Note 7 devices that could potentially explode have been exchanged for new phones — at least in the US. Samsung also says that “90 percent” of those who have exchanged their phone decided to get ...and more »

Survey: Samsung Consumer Confidence Down Following Galaxy Note7 Recall - PR Newswire (press release)

PITTSBURGH, Sept. 23, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- The Galaxy Note7 recall put a dent in Samsung consumer confidence, with 34% of current customers saying they won't buy another smartphone from the brand. Of these customers, 81% have always owned a ...and more »

Good news for Samsung: Half of Galaxy Note 7 phones exchanged, buyers opting to stick with device - ZDNet

Samsung announced Friday that about half of all recalled Galaxy Note 7 phones sold in the US have been exchanged through Samsung's voluntary recall. Despite the massive financial impact, Samsung stepped up to the plate to quickly recall the Note 7 and ...and more »

​Samsung chip executive jailed for attempted tech leak to China - ZDNet

A senior executive at Samsung's semiconductor division has been jailed for attempting to leak trade secrets to China. The executive, who was in charge of quality control at the South Korea's tech giant logic chip or processors business, was in July ...and more »

Halfway there: 500000 Galaxy Note 7 phones returned in the US - CNET

Half of Samsung's defective, potentially explosive Samsung Galaxy Note 7 batteries are now safely out of US consumers' hands. Just two days after Samsung shipped 500,000 replacement Galaxy Note 7 smartphones to US retailers -- to begin replacing the 1 ...and more »

DGCA may curb use of entire range of Samsung Galaxy Note smartphones on flights - Economic Times

NEW DELHI: India's aviation regulator is likely to put curbs on the use of the entire range of Samsung Galaxy Note smartphones on flights, a senior official said, after IndiGo reported an incident of "sparks and smoke" emitting from a Note 2 kept in ...and more »

Samsung says half of recalled Note 7s in the US have been exchanged – mostly for new Note 7s - TechCrunch

In case you were wondering when you'll stop receiving those “please turn off your Samsung Galaxy Note 7” warnings before takeoff, well, we're halfway there. Samsung announced today that “about half” of the affected phones — they mean to say, the ...and more »

What's Going Wrong With Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Exchanges — And What You Can Do - The Consumerist

Yesterday, we asked anyone having issues swapping out a defective, recalled Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone to drop us a line. Boy, did you. In less than 24 hours, we received dozens of messages from frustrated phone owners, and they're still coming in.and more »

Samsung Phone Catches Fire On Chennai-Bound IndiGo Flight, No Damage - Huffington Post India

A Samsung Electronics smartphone sent smoke from an overhead baggage compartment on an Indian commercial plane during a flight on Friday, India's aviation regulator said, but there was no damage and the aircraft landed safely. Passengers on board an ...and more »