New Overwatch Character Orisa Now Available to Play - IGN

By Chloi Rad Update 2: Orisa is now available to play in Overwatch on PC, Xbox One, and PS4, however not in all modes. Blizzard's Scott Mercer revealed that Orisa will not be available in Competitive Play for a week following her debut. "We want to ...and more »

Overwatch's New Character Is A Robot Named Orisa - GameSpot

Following a series of teases over the last two weeks, Blizzard has finally unveiled the newest addition to Overwatch's roster: Orisa. Orisa is a Tank-class character whose "gameplay is engineered around protection." Her weapon is the Fusion Driver, ...and more »

GS News - Overwatch's New Hero Orisa & Injustice 2's Doctor Fate Details - GameSpot

Overwatch's new character is a robot named Orisa, why BioWare canceled Mass Effect: Andromeda's multiplayer beta, and details on Injustice 2's new character, Doctor Fate. by Chastity Vicencio, Richard Li, and Spencer Kalin-Mulder on March 2, 2017.and more »

Surprise, You Can Play Overwatch's New Tank Hero, Orisa, Right Now - Forbes

When Overwatch debuted its last hero, fans had to slog through a seemingly endless ARG that ended with a somewhat deflating reveal of Sombra, a cool character, but one whose arrival was dragged out to the point of absurdity. Now, that's all changed.and more »

Overwatch has a new hero: Orisa, a huge spider robot - The Verge

Overwatch's hero roster just got a bit bigger with the addition of Orisa, who Blizzard announced today as the latest character to join its popular team-based competitive shooter. Orisa marks the third character to be added to the game post-launch ...and more »

Meet The 24th 'Overwatch' Hero: Orisa, The Omnic Quadruped Tank Of Efi Oladele - Tech Times

Blizzard has unveiled Orisa, the omnic quadruped tank created by 11-year-old Efi Oladele, as the newest "Overwatch" hero. Here is the lore and skills behind the character, who might be followed soon by Doomfist. ( Overwatch ). Advertisement. After a ...and more »

Orisa Is Overwatch's New Hero - NDTV

Team shooter Overwatch has a new hero called Orisa. She's a robot character. And unlike Bastion — one of the game's more popular robot heroes that fills a defensive role, she's a tank class character that can absorb large amounts of damage and has her ...and more »

Orisa abilities list: here's what Overwatch's new tank can do - PC Gamer

A big, long-range gun and a mini-Zarya ult are among the highlights of the latest Overwatch challenger. Shares. An error occurred. Try watching this video on, or enable JavaScript if it is disabled in your browser. After a few weeks ...and more »

Overwatch's New Hero Is Orisa - Kotaku

Overwatch's new and 24th hero is the robot tank Orisa, who fights with a “fusion driver,” or a projectile machine gun. In a developer update video, Overwatch game developer Jeff Kaplan says her weapon has more range than nearly any other tank hero.and more »

'Overwatch's' new hero is a badass robot centaur - Engadget

Blizzard has unveiled the 24th addition to its popular online shooter Overwatch, and no it's not Doomfist (Sorry, Terry Crews!). Overwatch's new hero is Orisa, a four-legged robot built by an 11-year-old engineering prodigy to protect the people of ...and more »