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Pornhub adds HTTPS to keep your kinks hidden - Engadget

Now that your ISP will soon be able to sell your browsing history to advertisers, it's good to know which companies have your back, privacy-wise. Around the web, the recent switch to HTTPS encryption has been a step in the right direction, but adult ...and more »

Pornhub, YouPorn Promise Increased Internet Security Amid Congress Privacy Protection Repeal - Tech Times

Two of the most popular porn websites want its users to feel secure when watching their videos, and it's taking steps to do so — a gesture of reassurance in the mounting outrage toward the imminent repeal of internet privacy rules set by the FCC last ...and more »

How Trump Is Putting Your Porn Privacy in Jeopardy - Daily Beast

It's hard to imagine life without the internet; these days it's almost as essential as electricity. Yet unlike utility companies, our internet service providers currently have unlimited access to our web browsing history and personal data. If Trump ...and more »

Pornhub just made the internet a lot more secure by changing this one thing on their site - Geektime

By rolling out encryption on their site, the world's biggest porn site is making the world a lot safer. Gabriel AvnerApr 02, 2017. It is a little-mentioned truth that pornography has always been a driver behind technological innovation. Whether it was ...and more »

Porn websites beef up privacy protections days after Congress voted to let ISPs share your Web history - Washington Post

As you may have heard, Congress recently voted to repeal Internet privacy protections that otherwise would have gone into effect later this year. The move effectively permits Internet providers such as Verizon and AT&T to mine and sell your browsing ...and more »

Pornhub's new security feature keeps your porn habits secret from spying ISPs - The Daily Dot

The most popular porn site on the internet now supports HTTPS, which means your adult content viewing will be safe from prying eyes. Pornhub announced yesterday it made the switch to the more secure communication protocol, and said its sister site ...and more »

Pornhub and YouPorn adds HTTPS encryption to keep your sexapades hidden - Techworm

After the United States Republicans decided to allow Internet Service Providers to sell online users' private data admitted the first victims of this sale would be visitors to adult entertainment websites like Pornhub, XVideos, xHamster etc. However ...and more »

Surfing for Porn Just Got a Lot More Secure - PC Magazine

Pornhub last year launched a bug bounty program offering money in exchange for information about vulnerabilities in its site, and now the popular porn destination is taking its security efforts a step further. SecurityWatch Pornhub on Thursday ...and more »

PornHub and YouPorn shake hands with HTTPS encryption - The INQUIRER

GOOD NEWS for fans of pink pork pliability panoramas as two of the world's biggest porn sites have announced that they will be offering HTTPS encryption by default. VentureBeat reports that the move is a direct response to the announcement that US ISPs ...and more »

Watching porn online is about to become even more private - JOE

We're not saying you do, dear reader, but the millions of people who do watch porn online around the world will be glad to know that it's about to become a more secure experience. According to VentureBeat, on Thursday, Pornhub, one of the biggest ...and more »