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Trump disputes account of his Supreme Court nominee's comments - Reuters

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Donald Trump castigated a Democratic senator on Thursday for saying U.S. Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch had voiced dismay in a private meeting over Trump's attacks on the judiciary, while Republicans came ...and more »

Younger Supreme Court appointees stay on the bench longer, but there are plenty of exceptions - Pew Research Center

U.S. Supreme Court justices have lifetime tenure, so nominees to the court tend to draw attention for their age. The two most recent nominees are no exception. At 49, Neil Gorsuch, President Donald Trump's choice, would be a relatively young new member ...and more »

Gorsuch Not Easy to Pigeonhole on Gay Rights, Friends Say - New York Times

WASHINGTON — Phil Berg was nervous as he prepared to tell Neil Gorsuch he was gay. AIDS was still in the headlines at the time, the early 1990s, and same-sex marriage was a far-fetched notion. Some of Mr. Berg's other friends had not reacted well to ...and more »

Charles Schumer: Judge Gorsuch, We Won't Be Fooled Again - New York Times

Just three weeks in, the Trump administration has tested the limits of executive power, violated the separation of powers and shaken the very roots of the Constitution. A particular theme of President Trump's first days in office has been contempt for ...and more »

Supreme court nominee Neil Gorsuch calls Trump judge attacks 'demoralizing' - The Guardian

Spokesman confirms Neil Gorsuch called president's attack on federal judge James Robart 'disheartening and demoralizing' in private meeting with senator. Ben Jacobs in Washington. @Bencjacobs. Wed 8 Feb 2017 20.43 EST First published on Wed 8 Feb ...and more »

'Disheartening'? Some liberals warm up to Trump Supreme Court pick. - Christian Science Monitor

When Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch said he found attacks on the independence of the judiciary 'disheartening,' many liberals took note. Alex Brandon/AP. Supreme Court Justice nominee Neil Gorsuch (left) listens as Sen. Joe Manchin (D) of West ...and more »

Top Senate Democrat says has 'serious concerns' about court nominee Gorsuch - Reuters

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Senate's top Democrat on Tuesday accused President Donald Trump's Supreme Court pick of avoiding answering questions “like the plague” and dodging efforts to gauge his judicial independence during a meeting that ...and more »

Supreme Court nominee Gorsuch says Trump's attacks on judiciary are 'demoralizing' - Washington Post

President Trump's escalating attacks on the federal judiciary drew denunciation Wednesday from his Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch, who told a senator that the criticism was “disheartening” and “demoralizing” to independent federal courts. Sen.and more »

Higher Justice - The Weekly Standard

In nominating Neil Gorsuch to be the next Supreme Court justice, President Trump could not have found a judge who more starkly dramatizes the constitutional crossroads at which the nation now finds itself. For eight years, the Obama administration and ...and more »

Right and left pressure Florida Sen. Bill Nelson over Supreme Court nominee decision -

WASHINGTON — Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson is about to face intense pressure from a well-funded conservative coalition to vote for President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee, a decision that will likely resonate into Nelson's 2018 re-election ...and more »