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Emmanuel Macron: my handshake with Trump was 'a moment of truth' - The Guardian

French president says his white-knuckle prolonged handshake with US counterpart was designed to show he's no pushover. Jon Henley European affairs correspondent. @jonhenley. Sun 28 May 2017 09.18 EDT Last modified on Fri 9 Feb 2018 13.43 EST.and more »

Emmanuel Macron explains his handshake strategy with Trump: “It's how one gets respected” - Quartz

Emmanuel Macron has declared last week's “death grip” handshake with Donald Trump intentional. In an interview with French weekly Le Journal du Dimanche, the newly-elected French president described their encounter as ”a moment of truth.”.and more »

Why Donald Trump's weird handshake matters - Financial Times

It was the handshake felt around the world. Two presidents, Emmanuel Macron of France and Donald Trump of the US, locked hands for barely five seconds for the cameras, but with a force that whitened their knuckles. Applying the zero-sum logic that the ...and more »

Emmanuel Macron takes crucial labour reforms to union leaders as French businesses regain optimism -

French president Emmanuel Macron has presented to unions his plans for landmark labour reforms, a flash point issue that sparked violent protests last year, amid signs the economy is finally gaining traction. During his electoral campaign, Mr Macron ...and more »

Trump and French President Macron get to know each other with a fierce handshake - Washington Post

BRUSSELS — If relationships were defined by how two people shake hands, then the one between the newly elected presidents of the United States and France is going to be rather fierce. As President Trump met French President Emmanuel Macron for the ...and more »

Trump and Macron had an awkward, white-knuckled handshake — and the internet went nuts - Business Insider

Initially, Trump and Macron seemed at ease when they shook hands in front of reporters and photographers in Belgium. Thomson Reuters. 2/12. Soon, however, "each president gripped the other's hand with considerable intensity, their knuckles turning ...and more »

Trump v Macron: French president appears to win latest handshake battle - The Guardian

US president grips and grimaces as he meets new French leader for first time in Brussels – then barges aside the prime minister of Montenegro. Elena Cresci · @elenacresci. Thu 25 May 2017 10.12 EDT Last modified on Fri 9 Feb 2018 13.45 EST. Share on ...and more »

Macron says long Trump handshake 'not innocent' -

Holding onto U.S. president's hand showed he won't make even small concessions, French leader explains. By Kait Bolongaro. 5/28/17, 11:30 AM CET. Updated 5/28/17, 12:43 PM CET. French President Emmanuel Macron said his extended handshake with ...and more »

Macron: Unusually Long Trump Handshake Was 'Not Innocent' - Daily Beast

After an unusually long handshake with U.S. President Trump earlier this week raised eyebrows, French President Emmanuel Macron has suggested the gesture was meant to make the American president uncomfortable. Calling his meeting with Trump ...and more »

Are one in four young French people really unemployed? - The Independent

We're told that a quarter of young French people are jobless. This is a “particularly bad” rate according to the BBC. Levels of French youth unemployment are “twice the levels of the UK and Germany” notes the Financial Times, suggesting that this fact ...and more »