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World's second-largest diamond 'found in Botswana' - BBC News

The world's second-largest gem quality diamond has been discovered in Botswana, the Lucara Diamond firm says. The 1,111-carat stone was recovered from its Karowe mine, about 500km (300 miles) north of the capital, Gaborone. It is the biggest diamond to ...and more »

Biggest diamond in 100 years adds $150 million to miner - CNNMoney

What better way to add luster to your mining shares than to unearth the world's second biggest diamond? Shares in Lucara (LUCRF) soared 32% after it unveiled a stone of 1,111 carats -- which it says is the biggest gem quality diamond found in more than ...and more »

Massive 1111-carat diamond mined in Botswana -

A small Canadian diamond company has found what it says is the world's second-biggest gem quality diamond ever recovered, and the largest in more than a century, at its mine in Botswana. Lucara Diamond Corp said on Wednesday the 1,111-carat stone was ...and more »

Value of huge Botswana diamond still unknown - The Guardian

The 1,111-carat diamond from the Karowe mine, the world's second largest gem-quality diamond ever recovered. Photograph: Lucien Comen/Lucara Diamond Corp/AFP/Getty Images. Science. Value of huge Botswana diamond still unknown. Lucara mining firm ...and more »

Canadian mining firm Lucara finds 2nd largest diamond ever -

A Canadian mining company has found what's thought to be the second largest diamond ever in Botswana, measuring a whopping 1,111 carats — almost as big as a tennis ball. TSX-listed and Vancouver-based Lucara said in a release late Wednesday it found ...and more »

Giant Bling: World's Second-Largest Diamond Unearthed - Live Science

A mining company operating in Botswana recently announced that it has "recovered" the second-largest diamond in the world. And, no, you wouldn't want to wear it on your ring finger. At 1,111 carats, the rock weighs nearly half a pound (227 grams) and ...and more »

Largest diamond in more than a century found in Botswana - The Guardian

Shares in the company that mined the 1,111-carat gem jumped 34% on Thursday. Photograph: Lucien Comen/Lucara Diamond/AFP/Getty. Mining. Largest diamond in more than a century found in Botswana. The 'high-quality' gem is only second in size to 3,106 ...and more »

This is the biggest diamond found in more than 100 years -

The biggest diamond to be unearthed in over a century has been found by the Lucara Diamond Corporation in Botswana. Advertisement. The 1,111 carat diamond is just smaller than a tennis ball but has a value "impossible to estimate" according to experts ...and more »

This Is the Biggest Diamond Found in More Than a Century - Fortune

A 1,111 carat diamond has been recovered in Botswana by the mining company Lucara. The Type IIa diamond is the largest discovered in more than a century and second in size only to the diamond that was used to make the British crown jewels, according to ...and more »

Diamond as big as a tennis ball found in Botswana - Irish Times

A 1,111 carat gem-quality diamond, second in size only to the Cullinan diamond cut into the British Crown jewels, has been unearthed by Lucara Diamond Corporation in Botswana. The Type-IIa stone, just smaller than a tennis ball, is the largest diamond ...and more »