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Largest diamond in over century found in Botswana - Phys.Org

A 1,111 carat "high quality diamond" has been discovered at a mine in Botswana, said to be the biggest find in more than a century, according to the mine company. The gem, only second in size to the Cullinan diamond which was unearthered in South ...and more »

Largest diamond in more than a century found in Botswana - The Guardian

The 'high-quality' gem is only second in size to 3,106-carat Cullinan diamond mined in South Africa in 1905. Agence France-Presse. Thu 19 Nov 2015 07.58 EST Last modified on Thu 19 Nov 2015 10.52 EST. Share on Facebook · Share on Twitter · Share via ...and more »

The world's second-largest diamond has been discovered in Botswana - Quartz

Canadian mining company Lucara claims to have discovered the world's second-largest ever diamond, in a mine in Botswana. The 1,111 carat diamond comes in at 65mm x 56mm x 40mm in size, nearly the dimensions of a baseball. It is the largest diamond ...and more »

Biggest Diamond In Over a Century Found in Botswana - Newsweek

A Vancouver-based diamond and exploration company working in Botswana recovered a 1,111-carat diamond, the second-largest gem-quality diamond in the world and the largest unearthed in over a century. The Lucara Diamond Company announced on ...and more »

The 2nd-largest diamond ever found was just recovered from a mine in Africa - Business Insider

A small Canadian diamond company has announced the discovery of the world's second-biggest gem-quality diamond ever recovered. Lucara Diamond Corp. said the 1,111-carat stone was found at its Karowe mine in north-central Botswana. The Type IIa ...and more »

Biggest diamond in 100 years adds $150 million to miner - CNNMoney

What better way to add luster to your mining shares than to unearth the world's second biggest diamond? Shares in Lucara (LUCRF) soared 32% after it unveiled a stone of 1,111 carats -- which it says is the biggest gem quality diamond found in more than ...and more »

Diamond as big as a tennis ball found in Botswana - Irish Times

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Biggest diamond found in more than a century - Financial Times

A Canadian miner claims it has unearthed the biggest diamond to be found for more than a century, with the discovery of a 1,111 carat gem-quality stone in Botswana. Lucara Diamond has released photographs of the stone, which was discovered at its ...and more »

Canadian miner Lucara finds 1111-carat diamond — believed to be second-largest ever - Financial Post

A Canadian mining company has recovered a diamond for the ages. The astounding stone has no precedent in the past century and will command a massive price at auction. The only question is how high it will go. I'm still waking up at 4:00 a.m. every ...and more »

Second largest diamond in history unearthed in Botswana - The Independent

The world's second largest diamond has been discovered in Botswana – and it is the size of a tennis ball. Lucara Diamond Firm, a Canadian firm operating in the southern African nation, announced the discovery of the 1,111-carat stone in Karowe mine, ...and more »