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AMD Upgrades The FirePro W9100 Hawaii XT Graphics Card With 32 GB VRAM – $4999 US Price - WCCFtech

AMD has updated their FirePro W9100 graphics card to support twice the memory buffer than it originally featured. The FirePro W9100 is now the world's first workstation class graphics card with 32 Gigs of VRAM which is twice the memory buffer the ...and more »

AMD Updates FirePro W9100 with 32 GB Memory - VR World

Last year, AMD released FirePro S9170 with 32GB GDDR5 memory, becoming the world's first graphics card with 32 GB memory. Designed for servers, this board carried a record-breaking 32 GB of GDDR5 memory, using expensive and not-widely-available ...and more »

AMD announces FirePro W9100 32GB graphics card -

AMD has one-upped its graphics rival Nvidia with the announcement of a new model of FirePro W9100 graphics card, a workstation-class device boasting a whopping 32GB of video memory. Nvidia made much of its Quadro M6000 24GB when it unveiled the ...and more »

AMD Announces 32GB FirePro W9100 - Pro Graphics Gets a Memory Bump - AnandTech

Thanks to the further proliferation of 8Gb GDDR5 memory modules, we've seen an uplift over the last few months with the memory capacity of professional graphics cards. For the professional graphics market this is always a welcome development, ...and more »

AMD claims victory in the video RAM war with new 32GB FirePro card - Digital Trends

AMD is claiming “world's first” with the launch of its FirePro W9100 32GB, an updated workstation graphics card sporting a massive 32GB of memory. The company revealed the card on Thursday during the 2016 National Association of Broadcasters Show in ...and more »

AMD slaps 32GB of RAM on its FirePro W9100 graphics card - The Tech Report, LLC

While things are still quiet on the consumer graphics card front, a small battle is being waged in the professional graphics arena. Nvidia recently refreshed the M6000, its flagship workstation graphics card, with 24GB of RAM. This put it ahead of AMD ...and more »

AMD launches FirePro W9100 32GB workstation graphics card - HEXUS

AMD has announced an updated FirePro W9100 workstation graphics card at the 2016 National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show in Las Vegas. With the new FirePro W9100 32GB, AMD recaptures the 'industry leading memory support' crown.and more »