China Uighurs: Xinjiang ban on long beards and veils - BBC News

China has introduced new restrictions in the far western region of Xinjiang in what it describes as a campaign against Islamist extremism. The measures include prohibiting "abnormally" long beards, the wearing of veils in public places and refusing to ...and more »

China bans beards, veils in Xinjiang - Geo News, Pakistan

China will step up a campaign against religious extremism in the far western region of Xinjiang on Saturday by implementing a range of measures, including prohibiting "abnormal" beards, the wearing of veils in public places and the refusal to watch ...and more »

Six really strange things that are banned in China - Yahoo News

'Abnormal' beards are among the latest things to be banned by China in a predominantly Muslim province. Apparently new regulations, set to come into force this weekend, prohibit the “abnormal growing of beards and naming of children to exaggerate ...and more »

Restrictions on Islamic dress, frequent ID checks: How China is fighting extremism in Xinjiang - The Indian Express

China's worst fears are that a large-scale attack would blight this year's diplomatic setpiece, an OBOR summit attended by world leaders planned for Beijing in May. 0. Shares. Facebook · Twitter · Google Plus · Whatsapp. By: Reuters | Kashgar | Updated ...and more »

China's Xinjiang Crackdown Continues - The Diplomat

Even while Beijing pursues economic openness in the province, it's turning Xinjiang into a security state. By Cal Wong for The Diplomat. March 31, 2017. In recent months, the Chinese government has stepped up security intensity in Xinjiang Uyghur ...and more »

China Bans Burqas and 'Abnormal' Beards in Largest Muslim Region in the Country - NextShark

China passed a new regulation on Wednesday that officially bans wearing burqas and 'abnormal' beards in the Muslim province of Xinjiang. The prohibitions are among 15 types of behaviors that are identified by Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous region's top ...and more »

China is targeting Muslims with a ban on burqas and 'abnormal' beards - StepFeed

Western countries aren't the only ones guilty of Islamophobia. To the far east, China has announced a ban on burqas, veils and "abnormal" beards for the residents of its predominantly Muslim province Xinjiang. The new regulations also forces residents ...and more »

No veils, no 'abnormal' beards: China's first anti-extremism law targets Xinjiang - The Sydney Morning Herald

Beijing: China's first anti-extremism law comes into effect on Saturday, enforcing bans on full-face veils and long beards in the restive far-western region of Xinjiang. Such bans had previously only been applied ad hoc. The Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous ...and more »

China comes down harder on Muslims, outlawing 'abnormal beards' and veils in public - Mashable

In an effort to combat "religious extremists," China has announced a series of bans on a range of physical attributes, including "abnormal beards" and the wearing of veils in public places. While China claims that the measures are in place to fight ...and more »

Trump-Xi, Xinjiang Rules, Shanghai Wages: Eye on Chinese Media - Bloomberg

The China Daily expressed optimism about President Xi Jinping's first meeting with Donald Trump next week in Florida, a contrast with the U.S. leader's own Twitter predictions of a “ very difficult” discussion. An editorial in the English-language ...and more »