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What is covfefe? The tweet by Donald Trump that baffled the internet - The Guardian

If you haven't looked it up already, don't bother. Just after midnight in Washington, Donald Trump tweeted: “Despite the constant negative press covfefe.” That was it. No more. Just that word “covfefe” left hanging there. Yes, covfefe is a word now ...and more »

While we were laughing at 'covfefe', millions of Twitter bots joined Trump's ranks -

US president Donald Trump is infamous for his regular tweeting, but this recent late-night message has us all asking the same thing: what is covfefe? After just three months in the job, US president Donald Trump's PR manager Mike Dubke announced that ...and more »

15 Hilarious Memes About Donald Trump's Strange 'Covfefe' Tweet - Observer

Donald Trump threw everyone for a loop Tuesday night with a tweet that was nonsensical even for him. It read, “Despite the negative press covfefe” and nothing more. Trump never clarified what he meant by “covfefe” (so naturally we came up with a few ...and more »

Confusion as Trump sends out garbled late-night tweet about 'negative press covfefe' - South China Morning Post

US President Donald Trump has sent out a bizarre late-night tweet that trailed off into gibberish, prompting a confused response from his followers and critics. The nonsensical tweet, from his @realDonaldTrump personal account said: “Despite the ...and more »

Trump's Twitter typos: From 'covfefe' to 'unpresidented' - Fox News

President Trump is known for using Twitter to communicate his thoughts — but he's also known for the spelling and grammar errors throughout his tweets. Here's a look at some of Trump's more interesting online spelling and grammar errors. “Enormously ...and more »

The Internet Defines 'Covfefe' - WIRED

Leave it to Donald Trump to keep Twitter guessing. Just after midnight Eastern this morning, the president did what the president often does at odd hours: He sent out a tweet. But this one, rather than attacking a political opponent or offering up a ...and more »

What's a 'Covfefe'? Trump Tweet Unites a Bewildered Nation - New York Times

WASHINGTON — And on the 132nd day, just after midnight, President Trump had at last delivered the nation to something approaching unity — in bewilderment, if nothing else. The state of our union was … covfefe. The trouble began, as it so often does ...and more »

Less Tweeting, Lawyers Beg. 'Covfefe,' the President Says. - New York Times

WASHINGTON — There was a time in the not-too-distant past when President Trump refrained from flamethrowing messages on Twitter. That time is over. Never mind that his aides have asked him to stop. Never mind that now the lawyers have told him to stop ...and more »

Covfefe: Donald Trump may have just invented the word of 2017 (even if it was an accident) - ABC Online

We may have just witnessed the birth of a word courtesy of an apparent typo in a tweet from Donald Trump. This is how it all started: Covfefe. There were thousands of theories about what the word means. Some tweets riffed on the ongoing investigations ...and more »

Trump 'Covfefe' Tweet Triggers Tweet Storm - U.S. News & World Report

An early Wednesday morning tweet from President Donald Trump left the internet baffled and asking one question: What is a "covfefe"? Not former F.B.I. Director James Comey's alter-ego or some type of new, elaborate Starbucks drink order, as some mused ...and more »