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Video: Dead shark found 19km inland after Cyclone Debbie in Australia - Irish Independent

A shark found in the middle of the road stunned residents of a small Australian town following a deadly storm. The bull shark washed up on a flooded road near the town of Ayr, Queensland, after tropical cyclone Debbie battered northeast Australia ...and more »

Australian cyclone leaves shark stranded upstream - ABC News

The calm after the storm wasn't so calm after emergency crews on Thursday found an unexpected shark out of water on a flooded road in Queensland, Australia. Interested in Australia? Add Australia as an interest to stay up to date on the latest ...and more »

Cyclone Debbie: Communities struggling to reach emergency services say 'nobody came to see us' - ABC Online

Cyclone and flood-ravaged communities along the Queensland coast are returning to their homes and assessing the damage, but some residents say they feel they have been forgotten. Meanwhile, authorities issued more evacuation orders in northern NSW this ...and more »

Floodwaters flow through submerged car in Australia - ABC News

Flash flooding created by Tropical Cyclone Debbie is no joke, but this unique sight out of Queensland, Australia, left a few people laughing. Interested in Australia? Add Australia as an interest to stay up to date on the latest Australia news, video ...and more »

Cyclone Debbie's cooling effect won't prevent Great Barrier Reef bleaching, scientist says - The Guardian

Marine scientist Terry Hughes says the effects of Cyclone Debbie will not prevent further mass bleaching events on the Great Barrier Reef. Photograph: Reuters. The cooling effect of Cyclone Debbie will not be enough to prevent further mass bleaching of ...and more »

'Underwater wasteland' worries after cyclone hits Barrier Reef - Phys.Org

A powerful cyclone that smashed into northeastern Australia could have caused further damage to the under-pressure Great Barrier Reef, turning parts into an "underwater wasteland", scientists warned Thursday. There are already fears for the survival of ...and more »

Sharknado: Australia warns of snakes, crocs and sharks in floods - Phys.Org

Wading through flooded areas can be dangerous anywhere in the world, but in Australia the waters may contain snakes, crocodiles and sharks as well as rubbish and sewage. One of the striking images showing the impact of category four Cyclone Debbie ...and more »

Cyclone Debbie insurance bill may pass $1b - SBS

Cyclone Debbie could cost insurers more than $1 billion, according to the Insurance Council of Australia, with more claims still to come. Updated Updated 31 March 2017. Cyclone Debbie could cost the insurance industry more than $1 billion, Insurance ...and more »

Rising Flood Waters Displace Tens of Thousands in Australia - TIME

Flooding in the wake of Cyclone Debbie, which barreled into Australia's northeast coast on Tuesday, has displaced tens of thousands of people from their homes, cut power to at least 100,000, and on Friday led authorities to fear that some might have ...and more »

Disaster As Joy in Australia: Cyclone Debbie Strikes - Center for Research on Globalization

“If the building starts to break up, protect yourself w[sic] mattresses, rugs etc under strong table or hold onto solid fixture.” -Queensland Ambulance, Twitter, Mar 28, 2017. The eerie sense that something is about to happen, with unsolicited fulsome ...and more »