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In a bid to detoxify the far right, Marine Le Pen wants to appeal to French Jews - The Conversation UK

When Benoît Loeuillet, head of France's right-wing Front National (FN) in Nice, was caught on camera denying the Holocaust in a documentary aired in mid-March, he was quickly suspended from the party. It was bad timing for the FN's leader, Marine Le ...and more »

What a Le Pen Win Would Look Like - New York Times

LONDON — It is entirely plausible that the next president of France will be Marine Le Pen. After the Brexit vote in Britain and the election of Donald Trump in the United States, Ms. Le Pen, the leader of one of the oldest far-right parties in Europe ...and more »

Meet Emmanuel Macron, the 39-year-old former investment banker tipped to beat Marine Le Pen in the French election - Business Insider

Emmanuel Macron is currently the favourite to win the 2017 French election. At 39 years old, he is the youngest candidate in the race — and the only one with no experience in running a campaign. He served under President François Hollande as Minister ...and more »

France's National Front co-founder Jean-Marie Le Pen says the battle is already won - Washington Post

ST. CLOUD, France — He is a convicted Holocaust denier but also the patriarch of the party that could soon triumph in France's presidential election. These days, Jean-Marie Le Pen, now 88, struggles to walk. But his ideology is on the move: In a once ...and more »

Macron and Le Pen clash in presidential debate -

The top candidates in France's presidential election have clashed in a televised debate, with centrist Emmanuel Macron accusing far-right leader Marine Le Pen of lying and seeking to divide the French. The election is shaping up as the most ...and more »

Marine Le Pen Sharpens Attack on Emmanuel Macron in French Debate - New York Times

PARIS — The French far-right leader Marine Le Pen clashed sharply with her probable presidential opponent, the centrist Emmanuel Macron, over immigration, integration and France's role in the world, during a marathon televised debate Monday night, ...and more »

French election: Voters face stark choice on the economy - CNNMoney

The French election is a battle between two very different economic visions with huge implications for Europe. Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron, the leading candidates for president, presented that stark choice during the first televised campaign ...and more »

Emmanuel Macron seen as winning first televised presidential debate - Business Insider

REUTERS/Pascal Rossignol French candidate Emmanuel Macron was seen as the most convincing among the top five candidates after the first televised debate of the presidential race. Several snap polls showed Macron emerging as the "winner" of the ...and more »

5 takeaways from the French presidential debate -

PARIS — The top five contenders for the French presidency faced off Monday night in a live TV debate that was lengthy, heavy on policy and devoid of any knockout blows. The spotlight was trained on former Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron, a centrist, ...and more »

Steve Bannon loves France -

White House strategist has borrowed heavily from Le Pen and other touchstones of the French far right. By Emma-Kate Symons. 3/22/17, 4:10 AM CET. Updated 3/23/17, 7:07 PM CET. White House senior adviser Steve Bannon | Win McNamee/Getty Images.and more »