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Find the Best Web Browser for Your Devices: A Review of Chrome, Safari and Edge - Wall Street Journal

Life is full of big decisions: getting married, buying a home, picking your default Web browser. I'm serious. Think about where you spend the majority of your time on your computer or phone. It's inside those four WWW walls. “Apps will kill the Web ...and more »

Browser Trends May 2016: Firefox Finally Overtakes IE - SitePoint

(The tables show market share estimates for desktop browsers. The 'change' column is the absolute increase or decrease in market share. The 'relative' column indicates the proportional change, i.e. Edge's user base grew 6.1% last month. There are ...and more »

Internet Explorer Is No Longer The Most Popular Desktop Browser - Ubergizmo

For years, Internet Explorer has enjoyed the title of being the most widely used desktop browser in the world. It was helped by the fact that this browser came pre-installed on hundreds of millions of PCs that were powered by Windows. With the ...and more »

Microsoft's IE loses top browser spot to Google's Chrome - Computerworld

Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) last month lost the No. 1 spot to Google's Chrome, marking a major milestone not only in IE's 21-year lifespan, but a dramatic changing of the desktop browser guard. According to U.S. analytics vendor Net Applications ...and more »

Chrome edges out IE for desktop browser crown - The Register

Google's Chrome displaced Internet Explorer as the top desktop browser by market share in April. This according to data from web monitors at Net Applications, which has Chrome narrowly edging out IE to win the top market share spot amongst desktop and ...and more »

Google Chrome Is Now the Most Popular Web Browser - Gizmodo

Microsoft's Internet Explorer has long been the most used browser on the internet. But its iron grip began slipping ever since Google launched Chrome in 2008. In 2012, one usage tracker declared Chrome the new champion, but some others still had IE in ...and more »

​Internet Explorer, the second-place web browser - ZDNet

In May 2016, for the first time since Bill Clinton was president, Tim Couch was the first pick in the NFL Draft, and there were about 150 million internet users, IE is not the top web browser. NetMarketShare Web Browser April 2016. Everyone now agrees ...and more »

Ten tips to make Google Chrome faster and reduce how much RAM it uses - ZDNet

Is your Google Chrome browser feeling a little slower than it once did? Or are you finding that it's consuming a lot of your system's RAM and making your PC feel slower than it should? Here are some tips to help you make Google Chrome fast again, and ...and more »

Google Chrome sneaks past Internet Explorer to become top browser - CNET

Google Chrome has won the browser wars. Net Market Share. Watch out Microsoft. Google has stolen first place in the browser arena. For the month of April, Google Chrome took home a 41.6 percent share of all desktop browser traffic picked up by Web ...and more »

End of an Era: Google Chrome Overtakes IE as World's Number 1 Browser - Softpedia News

Microsoft itself kind of abandoned Internet Explorer with the release of Windows 10, so it was only a matter of time until the browser lost the first place in market share rankings across the world. Now new figures provided by Net Applications for the ...and more »