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It is okay to beat up your husband with 'mogri' if he turns alcoholic, says MP minister - Zee News

Brides can now apply 'mogri' or wooden bat on their husbands if they turn alcoholic. 'Mogri' or wooden bat, which is commonly used to beat clothes while washing to take dirt out of it, has now been gifted to newly wedded brides to apply on their ...and more »

Indian Women Given Bats to Guard Against Domestic Abuse - Daily Beast

Newly married Indian women were given wooden bats by a state minister, who said they should use it in order to guard themselves against potentially abusive husbands. The minister, Gopal Bhargava, distributed the bats to almost 700 brides at a mass ...and more »

MP minister gifts bats to brides at mass wedding for reforming their husbands -

Amidst the daily dose of depressing stories of crimes, sexual assault and accident, here's a piece of news that will make you laugh and also shake your head in disbelief. In one of those 'it happens only in India' type of events, a minister from Madhya ...and more »

Hundreds Of Brides In India Receive Wooden Bats To Fend Off Drunken Husbands - Huffington Post

An unusual wedding gift distributed to hundreds of brides at a recent mass marriage ceremony in central India is shining a poignant light on the country's long-standing issue of domestic violence. Social Justice Minister Gopal Bhargava gave wooden ...and more »

Madhya Pradesh: Minister gifts wooden bats to 700 brides to beat husbands if they turn alcoholic -

Gopal Bhargava, however, advised the women to first try to talk their partners out of the habit. by Scroll Staff. Published Apr 30, 2017 · 04:47 pm. Madhya Pradesh: Minister gifts wooden bats to 700 brides to beat husbands if they turn. Around 700 ...and more »

Newlywed Women in India are Being Given Wooden Bats to Prevent Domestic Violence - TIME

Brides share a light moment during mass marraige ceremony in Bhopal of Madhya Pradesh, India on April 29, 2017. Mujeeb Faruqui—Hindustan Times/Getty Images. By Feliz Solomon. May 1, 2017. Newlywed women in one Indian state are being given state-issued ...and more »

'Police won't intervene': Indian brides given wooden paddles to beat drunk husbands - The Guardian

An Indian state minister has given hundreds of wooden bats to newly-wed brides, urging them to use the paddle as a weapon if their husbands turn alcoholic or abusive. Gopal Bhargava gave the bats – which are used to get dirt out of clothes in ...and more »

Indian brides given bats to keep abusive husbands in check - BBC News

Hundreds of brides at an Indian mass wedding have been given wooden bats and urged to use them as weapons if their husbands turn abusive. Messages such as "for use against drunkards" are written on the paddles, which measure about 40cm (15in) and are ...and more »

Indian brides are being urged to beat up their husbands if faced with domestic abuse - Mashable

India has traditionally grappled with the problem of domestic abuse that women face at the hands of their menfolk. Despite most cases going unreported, over 113,400 such incidents were recorded in 2015. Now, in order to curb domestic abuse, a ...and more »

700 Indian brides given bats to beat drunk, abusive husbands - The Daily Dot

At mass wedding ceremony on Saturday, an Indian state minister handed out bats to 700 brides for the purpose of beating their husbands if they get drunk and violent. The bats—called mogri and otherwise used for washing clothes—were engraved with ...and more »