Cow avenger with no mercy - Calcutta Telegraph

March 31: Gujarat today became the first state to make cow slaughter punishable with life imprisonment. The Assembly amended the Gujarat Animal Preservation Act, 1954, in the absence of the Opposition members, who had been suspended for the day, ...

In Gujarat, life term for cow slaughter - Deccan Herald

The bill also has provisions for financial penalty between Rs 1 lakh and Rs 5 lakh for such a crime. DH file photo. The Gujarat Assembly on Friday passed the Gujarat Animal Preservation (Amendment) Act, 2017, introducing life term for those found ...

Life term for cow slaughter; Guj Assembly clears Bill - Greater Kashmir

The bill also has provision for 10-year imprisonment for transportation, storage or sale of beef. It provides for permanent forfeiture of vehicles involved in transportation of progeny of cows and beef.

Holy cow! Butchers face life sentence in India for slaughtering sacred animal - RT

Those slaughtering cows now face a life sentence in the Indian state of Gujarat, after lawmakers voted to pass new measures to protect the sacred animal, up from a previous punishment of seven years. The state law is the toughest in the country. Read more.

Gujarat: Cow slaughter becomes a life term offence after amendment of the law - New Kerala

Gandhinagar, Mar 31 : After the amendment of the Gujarat Animal Preservation Act of 1954 by the state legislature, cow slaughter became a offence that could offer life imprisonment, raising a fresh controversy amidst the ban on slaughter houses in ...