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India state to give life sentences for cow slaughter -

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's home state of Gujarat on Friday increased the punishment for cow slaughter from seven years to life imprisonment as Hindu hardliners push for tougher protections for the holy animal. Under the stiffened penalties ...and more »

Cow protection important to save world from moral degradation: Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani - Hindustan Times

Cow protection is the most important principle for saving the world from moral degradation, Gujarat chief minister Vijay Rupani said hours after his state made the slaughter of the animal punishable with life imprisonment. In a series of tweets, the ...and more »

Cow slaughter now punishable with life in jail in BJP's Gujarat - Hindustan Times

The Gujarat assembly on Friday passed a bill enhancing punishment for cow slaughter from the present seven-year jail term to life imprisonment. The amendments -- which give Gujarat the harshest law in the country to protect cattle -- include a fine of ...and more »

Slaughtering cows now punishable with life imprisonment in Gujarat - The Independent

Slaughtering cows will now be punishable with life imprisonment in the Indian state of Gujarat. Politicians passed a law that will also includes 10-years behind bars for anyone found guilty of transporting beef. Cows are considered sacred by Hindus and ...and more »

Life term for killing cows, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani says want 'vegetarian' Gujarat - The Indian Express

THE GUJARAT government Friday amended the state's Animal Preservation Bill to entail a maximum punishment of life imprisonment and a minimum of 10 years for cow slaughter after it was passed in the assembly in the absence of the Opposition Congress ...and more »

Life Term For Cow Slaughter In Gujarat, Assembly Clears Tougher Law - NDTV

Ahmedabad: Punishment for cow slaughter in Gujarat will be a life term after an amended law was cleared on the last day of the state assembly session today. Gujarat, where elections will be held later this year, now has the toughest law against cow ...and more »

Gujarat: India state approves life term for killing cows - BBC News

The western Indian state of Gujarat has passed a law making the slaughter of cows punishable with life imprisonment. Under an amendment to the state's Animal Preservation Act, those found guilty of transporting beef will also be jailed for 10 years ...and more »

Life imprisonment for cow slaughter, makes Gujarat the state with harshest laws on beef ban - Firstpost

The Gujarat assembly on Friday made its anti-cow slaughter law the toughest in the country with the offence now becoming non-bailable and punishable with a life-time in jail. The Gujarat Animal Preservation (Amendment) Act, 2017, was passed with the ...and more »

Indian State Is Expanding Penalty for Killing a Cow to Life in Prison - New York Times

NEW DELHI — The Indian state of Gujarat is tightening the punishment for the slaughter of cows, considered sacred in Hinduism, to a maximum sentence of life imprisonment. The move on Friday came after a government crackdown on the largely Muslim-run ...and more »

Gujarat to tighten cow slaughter law - The Hindu

If the newly elected BJP government in Uttar Pradesh launched a crackdown on illegal slaughter houses immediately after the Assembly polls, another BJP-ruled State, Gujarat, which goes to the polls later this year, came up with an amendment to make cow ...and more »