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Jerusalem's Forever Crisis - Foreign Policy (blog)

The epicenter of the Arab-Israeli crisis will always be the Temple Mount, where both sides struggle over ancient history and modern-day politics. By Yardena Schwartz. | August 2, 2017, 12:02 PM. domeoftherock. TEL AVIV, Israel — If what's happening in ...and more »

Kushner: There may be no solution to ME peace - The Jerusalem Post

WASHINGTON – In an off the- record conversation with US Congressional interns on Monday, Jared Kushner said he was proud that details of his diplomatic efforts with Israelis and Palestinians have not yet leaked to the press. No longer. Be the first to ...and more »

Public opinion poll: 'No Palestinian state in five years' - The Jerusalem Post

Researchers spoke face-to-face with 1,200 Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza and held telephone conversations with 900 Israelis, including settlers and Israeli-Arab citizens. By Tovah Lazaroff. August 1, 2017 17:27. 4 minute read. > Palestinian ...and more »

The Next War in Gaza Is Brewing. Here's How to Stop It. - New York Times

When violence erupts in Jerusalem and the West Bank, it is usually not long before the Gaza Strip follows. At Gaza's border with Israel on Friday, a Palestinian teenager was killed while protesting in solidarity with Palestinians in Jerusalem. Several ...and more »

As Netanyahu scandals deepen, the more extreme his policies get - +972 Magazine

From outlawing foreign funding for human rights NGOs to reviving the death penalty (for Palestinians), to population transfer and more, Benjamin Netanyahu is going a little wild. It probably isn't unrelated to the multiple police investigations into ...and more »

Why it's still important to talk about peace - +972 Magazine

Israelis may want peace, but they want it on their terms: without Palestinian resistance to the occupation. By Raef Zreik. Palestinian and Israeli activists take part a protest against occupation, Route 60, between Jerusalem and the West Bank city of ...and more »

'Just the 1st round': Palestinians in East Jerusalem emboldened by protests -

Khaled Shweiki raised his hand above his head, his fingers flashing "V" for victory, after praying recently outside the al-Aqsa mosque — feeling a rare sense of elation for a Palestinian who lives in East Jerusalem. "We proved that we, as ...and more »

Top Palestinian official looks to Israel for life-saving transplant - The Jerusalem Post

After a career as Israel's chief adversary at the negotiating table, Erekat may now rely on Israel for life-saving treatment. By Eytan Halon. August 1, 2017 14:25. 1 minute read. Top Palestinian official looks to Israel for life-saving transplant ...and more »

The Young Palestinian Men of East Jerusalem Have Nothing to Lose - Haaretz

'We have no life and no future': The underlying conditions for Palestinians that fuelled the protests in Jerusalem are still just as combustible. The next explosion over Al Aqsa will be far worse. Warren Spielberg. Aug 03, 2017 11:13 AM. 0comments ...and more »

Gaza's power struggle - Norwegian Refugee Council

Gaza is in the midst of its worst ever electricity crisis, with its 2 million people getting less than three hours of power every day. Under Israeli siege for a decade, people in the Gaza Strip have been subjected to further collective punishment ...and more »