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A Country Divided - BBC News

It was one of the largest migrations the world has ever seen - with at least 10 million people on the move. Seventy years ago, in August 1947, British colonial rule in India came to an end. The country was divided into two independent states - Hindu ...and more »

How Indian and Pakistani filmmakers wrestled with the ghosts of Partition - Prospect

Asian cinema has treated the subject very differently to its western counterpart—and produced a wealth of artistic delights in the process. But as memories of partition fade, will the genre decline? by Burhan Wazir / July 31, 2017 / Leave a comment ...and more »

'Partition is not over': Pakistani Hindus fleeing persecution find little refuge in India -

For decades, Jogdas dreamed of moving to India to escape the persecution he suffered as a Hindu in Pakistan. But the reality of life over the border is a far cry from those dreams. Seventy years after partition unleashed the largest mass migration in ...and more »

Freedom and Fear: India and Pakistan at 70 - The Diplomat

In the midst of the monsoon of August 1947, British India ceased to be and gave way to two independent nations. The logic of this partition being religious and regional, the older and larger India was reinforced as a Hindu majoritarian society, while ...and more »

Break the silence on partition and British colonial history – before it's too late - The Guardian

Many British south Asian families, like mine, were caught up in the violence of 1947. Seventy years on, some are telling their stories for the first time • Kavita Puri is the editor of Our World and presenter of Partition Voices on BBC Radio 4. Mon 31 ...and more »

It makes no sense to compare religious majoritarianism in India and Pakistan - American Enterprise Institute

The other day I spoke at the Stimson Center in Washington on religious majoritarianism in the Indian subcontinent. In a nutshell, I made two broad points: First, when it comes to minority rights, India's record over the past seven decades is ...and more »

To bust the myth that Muslims don't belong in India, just look at the armed forces - Quartz

A large number of those who serve in India's army are not Hindu. (EPA/Farooq Khan). Share. Written by. Samar Halarnkar, July 31, 2017 Quartz india. He was an upper-caste Hindu from a village outside the holy city of Varanasi. “Yes,” he said ...and more »

Partition is Not Over Yet: The Plight of Pakistani Hindus -

New Delhi/Islamabad, July 31: The partition which gave birth to two separate countries – India and Pakistan – in 1947 also led to the largest mass migration in human history. Lakhs of people moved from India to Pakistan and vice-versa in search of ...and more »