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Nicaraguan woman dies after being thrown into fire in exorcism ritual - The Independent

Outside a church in a remote part of Nicaragua last week, a pastor and a group from his congregation stood around a bonfire for a prayer, their eyes closed and hands raised. A 25-year-old woman needed healing, and through a divine revelation, a church ...and more »

Nicaragua woman burnt on a fire in exorcism ritual - BBC News

A young woman in an isolated part of Nicaragua has died a week after being tied up and allegedly thrown on a fire in an exorcism ritual. Family members told local media that Vilma Trujillo had been attacked by four people led by a man who said he was ...and more »

Church allegedly burns woman to death during exorcism - New York Post

Reynald Peralta rodriguez, the husband of Vilma Trujilo, leaves the morgue with the coffin of his wife yesterday. EPA. More On: exorcisms · 'Psychic' paid $3.5M for exorcisms sentenced for tax evasion · Inmate dies after nurse allegedly tried to ...and more »

Nicaraguan woman dies after being thrown into fire during exorcism to drive 'demons' from her body - New York Daily News

MANAGUA, Nicaragua — A 25-year-old woman died Tuesday after she was thrown into a fire to drive “demons” from her body, Nicaraguan authorities said, quoting witnesses as saying she was stripped naked, burned and thrown into a gully. Officials said the ...and more »

Nicaraguan woman burned to death in ritual to 'purify her soul' -

Reynaldo Peralta Rodriguez leaves the morgue with the coffin of his wife, Vilma Trujillo García, who was burned in a fire in Managua, Nicaragua, on Tuesday. Pastor Juan Gregorio Rocha Romero ordered Trujillo burned at the stake, officials said. Rocha ...and more »

Woman, 25, stripped naked and burnt alive by 'pastor and congregation' who accused her of being possessed -

A church minister and four members of his congregation have been arrested after a 25-year-old woman allegedly pushed onto a bonfire because she was 'possessed' by the devil. Mum-of-two Vilma Trujillo Garcia, 25, died on Tuesday - five days after being ...and more »

Exorcists tie up naked woman and burn her to death on a bonfire after accusing her of being possessed by a demon in ... - Daily Mail

A young woman has died in Nicaragua after being stripped naked, tied up and thrown on a flaming pyre as part of a deadly exorcism ritual. Vilma Trujillo, 25, succumbed in hospital to the horrific burns inflicted on her a week ago by neighbours in the ...and more »

Exorcists strip 'possessed' woman naked, burn her on bonfire in Nicaragua - RT

An exorcism ritual in the Nicaraguan village of El Cortezal resulted in death after a “possessed” woman was thrown on a bonfire, local media report. Juan Gregorio Rocha Romero, a pastor in a local evangelical group, accused Vilma Trujillo of being ...and more »

Mum-of-two dies after being 'stripped naked, thrown on fire and tossed into gully during exorcism ritual to drive ... - The Sun

A WOMAN died when she was allegedly pushed onto a bonfire because she was "possessed by the devil". A church minister and four members of his flock have been arrested after a woman mum-of-two Vilma Trujillo Garcia, 25, died on Tuesday. Vilma Trujillo ...and more »

Religious Fanatics in Nicaragua Burn a Woman at the Stake - Havana Times

HAVANA TIMES — A Nicaraguan woman died Tuesday after having been thrown into a fire in the mining town of Rosita in the Autonomous North Atlantic region of the country, just days before International Women's Day (March 8th). The terrible femicide was ...and more »